Lara Mckinley

Lara Mckinley



Owingsville, KY 40360

Phone: 505-440-1309


Lara McKinley’s BodyTalk journey began in 2019 with a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis. The choice to heal her body naturally instead of choosing chemotherapy and radiation after a lumpectomy was understood within. Lara’s continuous research and efforts cleared her body of cancer but she still felt something was missing. At this time she was referred to her first BodyTalk practitioner where she found the inner peace and healing her body was searching for.

Lara’s newfound passion and fascination with this amazing healing system is what propels her BodyTalk journey forward. In Lara’s practice her focus is on supporting the person and their release of emotions, moving the individual towards peace and connecting them to their own inner knowing. Her calm demeanor and listening ear allow your body to trust its healing abilities and let go of stress bogging you down and keeping you from your true path. 

There is no need for any person to walk their healing journey alone. The number of Certified BodyTalk Practitioners continually grows and they are ready to connect with you.

Lara’s studies so far with much more to enjoy!

BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Fundamentals

Advanced BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure


The Successful Practitioner

Your Life Force Antenna: The Amazing Spine

Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Mexico

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