Dorothy Friesen

Ms. Dorothy Friesen

MA in Peace Studies, BAT, CBP, Parama BP


Apt. 1008 64 Nassau St N

Winnipeg , MB R3L 2T2

Phone: 2045047804


Why Dorothy Friesen is excited about the BodyTalkSystem

·       "BodyTalk is a consciousness based healthcare system that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual; and the balance within the person and with family, community life, work, nature and the cosmosThis System brings it all together in a simple practical way that allows stress, pain and fatigue to dissolve.  I’ve watched with gratitude as clients have blossomed in confidence joy and enthusiasm for life.".


  • Dorothy has been a certified BodyTalk System Practitioner since 2002. She has continued her studies with the  BodyTalk courses in Principles of Consciouness; Bio-Dynamics; Macrocosmic BodyMind; Matrix Dynamics as well as the advanced Parama BodyTalk I and II.  She has also studied Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, Family Systems Constellations, PlantTalk and  Finding Health-Mapping the Healing Process, Finding Health 2, Eastern Medicine: the Anatomy and Physiology of the Energetic Body, Fascial Balancing and BodyTalk Intensive. Many of these courses were taught by BodyTalk founder, Dr John Veltheim. 

  • Dorothy has additional training and life experience in cultural diversity and 
international peace and justice work. She is the author of a book on the Philippines and a romance novel, and recently co-edited a published collection  of her late husband's writings entitled Create Space for Peace.
  • Dorothy has been a BodyTalk Access Trainer since 2006 in Canada and the USA. 
  • Since 2009  she has spent several months each year speaking and teaching in the Philippines with the goal of encouraging a viable bodytalk matrix there. 

  • See 2015 Philippine TV interview with Dorothy about BodyTalk

Dorothy offers BodyTalk at her Winnipeg clinic and also by distance. 

What clients say about BodyTalk with Dorothy


  • " I have had relief from pain that no other health practitioner could pinpoint the source of despite doing tests. The source was at deeper and more subtle levels that only Bodytalk can access so precisely. I always feel more in touch with myself after a session, have immediate pain relief along with the general feeling of lightness." Dianae Weeks, R.N. Saugerties, New York

  • "Our autistic child has made such great progress since you began working with him! He is very interactive. He is trying lots of new foods. He is sleeping very well. He rarely has a "meltdown" now . We feel very blessed that you are an integral part of his health care team.    Marcy Grant, North Dakota


What Access Students Say about Dorothy’s classes

    • " I am leaving class with a tool to reduce stress." Brenda Fox, Trauma Recovery Therapist and Spiritual Director.

    • "What I liked most is that I can do this for myself and help my children and grandchildren." Pat Marvel, Social Worker

    • "Dorothy"s style and delivery made the class easy. My allergies cleared as we were moving through the class. It was amazing." Rich Williams, Social Work and Theology student

    • "Dorothy is very clear and patient. Puts everyone at ease and makes learning fun." Jocelyn Garneau, Heavy Equipment Operator


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