Christine Barrie

Christine Barrie

Akashic Practitioner, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


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North Vancouver &
Vancouver, BC


BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health care system that empowers Christine’s clients to achieve health & well-being 

effectively & expediently while propelling them toward 

discovering & manifesting their true purpose and inner joy. 


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 You can benefit from a distant session with Christine 

 from wherever you are in the world!

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Please contact Christine for transformational support with your:

personal health & well-being

intentioned goals & dreams

family dynamic 

romantic partnership

business, film production, corporate balance & efficiency

Christine is taking a teaching Sabbatical in 2023 but will continue to facilitate group and private sessions

Clients & students have consistently observed 

an increased sense of well-being, happiness, improved health & success 

as a result of BodyTalk sessions, programs and classes with Christine - see testimonials below


Christine's BodyTalk training includes:

The complete BodyTalk System with Advanced Certification, BodyTalk Access, Parama 1 & 2, Finding Health 1 & 2, Eastern Medicine & Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, Anatomy & Physiology for BodyTalkers, Mindscape & Advanced Mindscape, Lymph Drainage, Plant Talk and Epigenetics for BodyTalkers

Some additional life-experience Christine brings to her BodyTalk practice include a decade of Social Services work with mentally & physically challenged adults, running an herbal products business educating clients on taking charge of their own health & well-being, and supporting clients in understanding & connecting with their soul through Akashic Readings.


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What some of Christine’s clients & students are saying:

"This was my second time taking fundamentals with Christine and, if it is possible, it was even better an experience than the first. The 8 week format is ideal to help you absorb the information and process it from week to week, with help from Christine's homework suggestions. The weekly review that she does for students to listen to is an added (brilliant) bonus! Christine is a fabulous teacher, explaining everything in a way that makes it clear and easy to understand, despite the complexity of some of it. She is highly professional, supportive and encouraging. I enjoyed the 8 weeks so much and am sorry that it had to end. I feel really well prepared for my next steps in the BodyTalk world".



"I highly recommend Christine and her 8 week BodyTalk Fundamentals Class!! Words can’t express what a gift and treat it was to take this class from Christine! I had taken her 4 day class before, split over two different weekends and I was quite impressed. Having the chance to take the class for 8 weeks in 4 hour segments really made a difference. I was able to participate and retain the information without feeling overwhelmed or drained from being on the computer all day. Christine interwove fascinating stories throughout the class, she always left room for questions and comments and gave us plenty of time to practice as well." 

Erika Bittner 
New Mexico

"I've been nothing but calm since the session when things happen, and don't even need to try or remind myself of anything. It's amazing. That feeling of easy-ness when it comes to this (situations that naturally test your patience as a mother), I have not had before. Ever....this is fantastic. I feel like this who I am. Like when you take stress away or whatever other stuff, then that is me beneath it all."

- Mother-of-two, Langley, BC, Canada

“Christine brings with her a passion and genuine desire to allow success to take place in her class. She creates a space of ease where you can ask questions and digest the information. She genuinely wants you to succeed. Her strong communication skills, and positive attitude add to her solid knowledge base and expertise as a body talk practitioner. 

Christine is very supportive and is able to address both basic and complex questions. She puts into place a strategy that if you follow it, will lead you to a solid foundation that will have you ready for the next step. She is there for you to ensure you understand fully the principles and feel comfortable with the material. She holds herself accountable and that allows you to be able to do the same. I learned so much with Christine and am looking forward to taking future classes with her. If you’re thinking of taking fundamentals or have already taken it, a class with Christine is a must. “

Monitor in online 8-week Fundamentals class 2021

"I had originally taken Bodytalk fundamentals a couple of years prior in a 4 day course. Since then I had wrestled with the idea of taking the class again. I am so very glad I chose to take it a second time with Christine Barrie!  Learning over 8 weeks made the whole experience a much more in depth journey, I really gained a much deeper understanding of this marvelous system of healing and experienced shifts I wasn't expecting when I went into it!  Christine is a brilliant teacher and has a gift for taking complex topics, and delivering them in an easy to understand manner. The high level of support Christine provided throughout this 8 week journey made it all the more wonderful! I highly recommended this class, it's so worth it!!"  Michelle Sims, Canada February 2021

During January and February 2021, I attended BodyTalk Fundamentals with Christine Barrie in the new 8-week online format. This was the third time I've taken Fundamentals, but the first time I've taken it online. Further, this was the first time I've experienced this class over the course of 8 weeks (the other times were over 4 days). 

Before I registered, I wasn't sure if it would be effective, especially since hands-on practice is so vital to really improve our skills and confidence. But I was absolutely thrilled with the format and delivery of this class. Each week, we learned a few concepts and/or techniques. We also had the chance to work with a partner in "breakout rooms" to practice techniques. Further, having a whole week between classes was an incredible way to study, process, and integrate everything I was learning and experiencing. 

If you're considering Fundamentals for the first time, or as a monitor, I strongly recommend Christine's class. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a teaching style that is easy to understand, interesting, humorous, encouraging, and at a steady pace. Her passion for BodyTalk is contagious. And even though Fundamentals is a huge amount of information, it felt really manageable each week. The skills I learned with Christine were invaluable and I can't recommend her and this class enough. 

Cheryl Rettig, CBP

Pronouns: she/her

Ontario, Canada

February 2021

"Thank you Christine. I’m so grateful to have this experience with you. I really needed this...It was clearly meant to be.  You’re such a brilliant teacher.  I’m a teacher and I know good teaching lol. I’ve learned so much in just one day. Keep shining that beautiful light!"

~ Fundamentals student January 2021 

"I'm feeling really good after our [first distant] session. I have more motivation and more energy and I simply can't find another reason for it. I feel a lot freer in my mind. This is notable because I did not feel that way when I had sessions with a psychologist who specializes in procrastination and helping people achieve their goals. I am doing my homework and have been getting a lot of other things done as well. The bladder issue is still present, but I'm back to truly trying meditation again (which has helped on previous flare ups)." 

Shelley A. - Vancouver Island

"I wasn’t sure how online instruction of Bodytalk Fundamentals would or could work but it was truly great. The part that was really exceptional was the interactive Demo sessions and the breakout rooms. Learning BT online works so well….You really reaffirmed for me why I love BodyTalk. Taking Fundamentals more than once is so worthwhile. there is always more to learn. And as always you went above and beyond… You are a gifted teacher. Thank you and blessings."

Brenda A. Victoria, BC

"I can’t say enough good things about Christine Barrie and her BodyTalk (online) Fundamentals class! Christine made it very easy and fun to learn the material, while interweaving relevant stories in the meantime. Christine took time with each student, addressing everyone’s needs and questions. She had us write our intentions before the class, and not only were my intentions addressed within the practice BodyTalk sessions, but some of my intentions were already answered before the class had even ended! I highly recommend BodyTalk Fundamentals, and especially with Christine Barrie as the teacher!" 

Erika B. - New Mexico September 2020

"The (Fundamentals online) class was fabulous and you taught it so well. 

Your generosity in offering the follow up emails with reviews are priceless.

You taught with integrity and your love for body talk is infectious.  

…I would totally take this class again and look forward to pursuing my studies in Body Talk. Thank you so much." 

Stacey G. - New York (September 2020)

"The BodyTalk Fundamentals course [online] with Christine was nothing short of amazing!  The online format was delivered once a week which gave me more time to assimilate the content and study in between.  I was also greatly appreciative of the bonus weekly audio lesson review that was provided which I found extremely helpful.  The content was delivered in a relaxed and fun manner that provided actual experiences of the power of Body Talk sessions along with practice sessions via distance but with the visual component provided through the Zoom platform.

I would highly recommend taking the BT Fundamentals with Christine who easily demonstrated that she is a competent and knowledgeable teacher.  I am very grateful to have had this learning experience with her.  I look forward to continuing to learn Body Talk under her guidance."

C.R. - Victoria, B.C. August 2020

"The 4 day [online] fundamental class with Christine was very intense but very interesting. It really helped that the class was spread out over 4 weeks to give us time to digest the information and review it. Even though the class was online, Christine made it easy for us to practice on each other. Christine is very natural when it comes to teaching. You can tell she loves sharing. She adds many personal stories to each class which really helps understanding the practical aspect of it all. She is also very involved in her teaching even after class. Her follow up emails and summary recordings helped to keep engaged in the material while waiting for the next class. Overall it was a great experience. Thank you Christine for making this class so enjoyable and uplifting." 

~ Laura August 2020

"I want to say a HUGE thank you to you, for your Winter Solstice Session (Celestial Alignment Series)...I forgot all about it, until just a week ago. I had been feeling a build up of worry in the previous few days...I was just sitting at my desk in front of my computer when I got this sudden urge to listen to your session. Of course, I had no idea what it was about, but my intuition most certainly did! When I heard you say it was about worry, I could not believe it, it was just incredible. Of all the multitude of things it could have been about, this was the very one I needed, right at that time. ...The release felt so good, and the worry just lifted immediately (and didn't return!). It was just so perfect, and the timing spot on. Your session came to my rescue! So I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!!! “ ~ Susan Smith engineer, Vancouver, BC 2017

"My 6-month package I received from you was more life changing that I could have ever dreamed for...I'm back in school working towards getting my high school diploma. I never thought I'd find the motivation and courage to do it but something clicked and I decided to stop putting my life on hold. I truly feel the combination of the distant sessions we shared and the daily balances gave me fresh perspective of my life. I can't thank you enough! Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

I am feeling so good about the end of 2016, and I think 2017 is going to be the year of many amazing opportunities....Energy medicine has always been a form of therapy I believe in with my whole soul, but it has taken many years to come to the conclusion that I want to spend the rest of my life learning how to work with energy myself. I want to help people feel the way you have helped me to feel. I am excited for the journey and to follow a path that will bring so much fulfillment. I look up to you so much and could not be more ecstatic that I get to learn life changing healing techniques from you."  ~ Shelaine Nickel, age 23 Vancouver, BC

"Christine is such a knowledgable & talented instructor... Everything I needed was there, explained fully and all questions answered. Christine is patient, pleasant and well-organized. She also makes sure her students are comfortable and well nourished during the day.I would like to take other courses from he...She is a treasure." 

~ Lauri Sayliss May 2016, monitor preparing for exam

“When I walked into class I was ruled by my disability and chronic pain. After 4 days, my disability was hugely less and the pain went from a “9” to a “3”! I believe in miracles. Christine gave me one.” 

~ Vernon Mark Hills 2014, new student

“I have taken this class with you before and, as always, it is always so full of information. I am so grateful to you. Namaste.” - Violet 2014, monitor, CBP

 “I have changed since it (weekly BodyTalk sessions) all began.   I am not the same person anymore...I feel so light and free and very strong now...I have an inner strength inside...  Thank you so much for amazing BodyTalk sessions!  I cannot believe how much I have grown in the past few weeks.  I have stepped through some sort of portal that is proving that life is wonderful and that it is exactly what you make it.  That if you clear up your inner blocks, you can live life as we were meant to live, in love and not fear.”  ~  Louise James March 22, 2013

“While skillfully teaching the BodyTalk Access class, Christine graciously offers her wise understanding, kindness and humour. She is equally skillful, compassionate and insightful in her one-on-one BodyTalk sessions. She gets to the heart of the matter ... the matter of the heart.” ~Janice Clarfield  Director, Urban Yoga 2012

"I received a distant performance session from Christine prior to surgery and am very pleased to say that it went well.  VERY WELL!   I have never been so calm prior to surgery before....EVER.....there was no fear or worry; just love and calm and peace. I fully advise anyone that is scheduled for surgery to have this type of session done.  It made a huge difference for me."  ~ Avin Garcia, Vernon, BC

“I was also greatly impressed with the ability for bodytalk to recognize other physical ailments I was suffering from. Without my revealing much information Bodytalk knew what the root of my suffering.”  ~ CL 2011

“I found each session to be fascinating in a different way. The revelations that came about were incredible. The connections between the subconscious and the body mind spirit is invaluable.” ~ LG 2011

“Christine, you have started me on a path I was truly meant to walk.” ~ BA 2011

“ I feel empowered to do the things I have always been capable of.”

“ I feel so empowered and peaceful within my personal relationships. 

I have seen a change in the way my past & present friends are responding to me.” ~ AB 2011


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