Joyce Petersen

Joyce Petersen

Parama BP, NCTMB, MSI, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


780 Simms St., Suite 205

Golden, Colorado , CO 80401

Phone: 303-565-0290


My corporate career was in the Information Technology world.  Driven by dissatisfaction and boredom, even in senior management, I stepped into the world of touch, energy and holistic change.


I became a BodyTalk practitioner as a result of my quest for more “tools” to encourage the body on its path to healing. 


BodyTalk takes me beyond tools to a new understanding of health.  The whole body is acknowledged and encouraged on its healing journey.  It’s a joy and a wonder to watch as my client’s body/mind moves to the next space on this journey.   Unlocking old emotional patterns, healing injuries and releasing limiting belief systems are just a few places that might be passed on this journey.   The entire gamut of what goes wrong with our bodies is addressed by BodyTalk.  And that is the good news.


Mindscape became my “love” when it enabled my left brain to trust my right brain.  Having found a technique that encouraged my right brain to grow and work with my over developed left brain successfully is heaven.  It has opened a door that keeps drawing ME to the goal of wholeness.  Sharing this incredible tool is my passion.


Modules Completed:

            Fundamentals 1 & 2

Principles of Consciousness (3)

Bio–Dynamics (4/7)

Macrocosmic BodyMind (6)

Matrix Dynamics (9)

Advanced Integration


Advanced MindScape

MindScape for BodyTalkers


BreakThrough 1

BreakThrough Practical

Eastern Medicine

FreeFall 1

Finding Health 1: Mapping the Healing Process

Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness

Founders Intensive

IBA Conference 2013

Parama Unit 1 Practical

Pediatrics for BodyTalkers


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