Yvette Smith

Yvette Smith



BodyTalk4Health (by appointment only)
3rd Floor Surrey House, 34 Eden St
Kingston Upon Thames, London KT1 1ER

Phone: +44-7776 201 649



CBP - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

BodyTalk Access / BodyTalk Fundamentals Parts 1 & 2 / Adv.Practical 1&2 / Principles of Consciousness / Bio-Dynamics / Macrocosmic BodyMind / Matrix Dynamics / Finding Health: Mapping the Healing Process / MindScape / Advanced MindScape. 


Over the years, Yvette has acquired knowledge of natural remedies, preferring alternate healing methods to allopathic medicine wherever possible. After her first BodyTalk Balance, she was fascinated with the amazing results and healing properties offered by the BodyTalk System and determined to learn as much as she could about this modality.

Having lived in several different parts of South Africa, Yvette has worked in the shipping industry, has owner-managed and taught at an Arts & Crafts School, co-edited a weekly newspaper, owner-managed a staff-outsourcing company and been involved in charitable organisations such as Rotary and Women’s' Institute / etc. over the years. She has also donated many hours and sessions to Cancer patients at the local hospice, to residents at Care-homes for the Aged and also been involved in other Wellness Days at local businesses.

BUSINESS CLIENTS:  (Business Proposal and Presentation upon request)

BodyTalk  is able to minimise and relieve many of the stresses suffered by Staff and Management during the current economic climate, in the following way:

Relieve STRESS in the workplace / reduce ABSENTEEISM / improve HEALTH of staff / increase staff MOTIVATION / improve PRODUCTIVITY / enhance staff EFFICIENCY / increase staff FOCUS / improve INTERACTION between departments / revive positive ENERGY of staff / motivate staff performance / repair INTER-PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS between staff and management / etc.


BodyTalk is a complete healing system that helps the body begin the healing process, thereby relieving the symptoms suffered from any of the following dis-eases:  

STRESS, Allergies, Arthritis, BACK PAIN, Bacterial Infections, Cancer, Chronic Fatique, DEPRESSION, Digestive Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Infections, INSOMNIA, Learning Disorders, Low Energy Levels, Lymph Blockages, Menstrual Irregularities, MIGRAINES, Pain, Parasites, Phobias, Panic Attacks, SPORTS INJURIES, Toxins, Tumours, VIRUSES and many, many more dis-eases.


BodyTalk is amazingly successful with Animals as they are incredibly Intuitive. Should your animals be suffering from any of the following, a BodyTalk Balance can be of huge benefit to relieve the symptoms.

STRESS, Allergies, Arthritis, BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS, Cancer, CAT FLU, Depression, EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS, Epilepsy, Feather Plucking, Grass Sickness, Head Shaking, Influenza, MANGE, Milk Fever, Nervousness, PARASITES, Poultry Disease, SKIN DISORDERS, Swine Flu, Toxins, Tumours, VIRUSES,  and many more dis-eases.
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