Barbara Lee Richter

Barbara Lee Richter

Licensed Massage Therapist, MFR, CST, CBP


Dreamweaver Healing Arts

Palm beach, Greenville DE, FL 33404

Phone: 610-212-6626


DREAMWEAVER:   The "Dreamweave" is your total interconnectedness of all things.  Barbara's energy practice affects body, mind, and spirit.  Much as a Spider weaves her web, Barbara weaves her energy techniques together in order to promote healing/balance.

CERTIFIED BODYTALK PRACTIONER- Your body knows what it needs to heal itself!
Barbara is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and works in :
1.  Chester County, Pennsylvania. 
2.  STAR SEED SANCTUARY- located in the Palm Beaches, Florida

Clients have mentioned that a BodyTalk session with me is very "intense" and that one can feel the energy moving within the body. Clients also report that they feel immediate shifts, be it physical or emotional, after just one session.  I can also work with the Solar Chakras and the chakras beyond 1-7.  This work also includes intracellular, intercellular, and multidimensional communications.
The results are reported to be quite extreme and beneficial, even life changing.


Below is a summary of the modalities Barbara uses in her sessions and the Dreamweave:


*LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST - graduate of ITMB, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

*MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (MFR) - John F. Barnes approach - EXPERT      level
*CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (CST) - Upledger Institute

*MEDICINAL AROMATHERAPY - Certified medicinal aromatherapist with Wisdom Of The Earth (WOTE) essential oils.

*PAST LIFE REGRESSION - Certified with Christopher Largent.
Experience the healing effects of journeying throughout your lifetimes and letting go of any traumas and/or emotions which have been attached to these lifetimes.

*ANIMALS - BODYTALK/REIKI/MFR for ANIMALS - I have had much success with helping the animals to heal whether using hands-on energy work or by using the BodyTalk modality.  This energy work can be done in person on the human, owner, or a family member (as a surrogate), or can be performed as a distance session.  The animals may be living or in spirit.

*HARMONIC and SACRED SOUND HEALING -  I use several types of musical and sound vibration systems to assist me during a session. These include Tibetan singing bowls, shaman drum, and the harmonics of specific music to assist in bringing harmony and balance during a session.

*ATTUNEMENTS - the client will become entrained with my vibration, that of the harmonic sound, the crystals and the Sacred energies which are also assisting during a session.

*CRYSTAL HEALING - all crystals are alive and hold a specific vibration. One or more of these crystal vibrations will become part of the attunements during each session.

*SHAMANIC HEALING & JOURNEYING -  the drum is an ancient universal symbol, which connects us with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.   Through the use of drumming, you will be able to connect with your spirit guides.  Together we will contact your guides and you will discover your inner power and Spirit protectors.  These journies will assist you in your personal quest for self-empowerment.

*CRANIOFASCIAL THERAPY - (CFT) Gillespie approach.  This combination of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and unwinding and MFR is extremely beneficial and healing for the client.  

*SELF EMPOWERMENT - my goal is to empower YOU to HEAL YOURSELF. I also strive to help each client open up the lines of communication with SPIRIT/SOURCE and wish to encourage each person along his/her path toward ascension.

Please call or email for appointment times and dates.


Bodytalk courses completed: 
Body Intuitive- Miami, FL, Sept 2019, Janet & Laura
IBA conference- Clearwater, FL, August 2017
Soul's Journey- John Veltheim, Phila, PA, Feb. 2017
Founder intensive- John Veltheim, Phila, PA, Feb 2017/NYC, Nov. 2015
Mindscape- Angela Adkins, Andy Spencer 2017
Lymphatic Drainage (5)-  April 2015.  Tracey Clark
BodyTalk for Animals (8A)- May 2014. Loesje Jacob
BreakThrough I- March 2014. Ben Manalo
Matrix Dynamics (9)- September 2013. Janet Galipo 
MacroCosmic BodyMind (6)- June 2013. Laura Stuve, Ph.D.
Principles of Consciousness (3)- December 2012. Ben Manalo
Bio-Dynamics (4/7)- April 2012. Janet Galipo
Fundamentals (1&2, 2 xs)- March & Nov., 2011 Mary Shields Ph.D.
Access-  February 2011. Jalma Marcus 

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