Deborah Faul

Deborah Faul

Komyo Reiki 3, CBP


Distance Sessions Only

Edmonton, AB



Debbie Faul ~ Komyo Reiki 3, CBP.

Hello and Welcome . . .

I love that BodyTalk reminds our body/mind/spirit that all the tools for balancing exist within us. When we are gently reminded to access, synchronize, balance and remember to allow our built-in innate healing tools to work, it can be a wonderful relaxing journey towards easing our stress and reducing our pain.

About me ~ I first discovered BodyTalk for myself as part of my personal healing journey during big changes in my family life. My 2nd experience with an air cast & a fractured ankle brought me to my first full BodyTalk session. Results were swift and can be more noticable immediately with acute injuries. I knew I had to learn more. While I had already been exploring Reiki, I sensed there were other healing arts I needed to explore beyond practicing Tai Chi and doing Reiki for self-healing. Tai Chi introduced me to “new” aspects of mind/body/spirit being interconnected. As a former Tai Chi instructor I discovered the joys of assisting others on their healing journey. Reiki introduced me to “energy” medicine as part of the mind/body/spirit connections. BodyTalk has expanded my understanding of mind/body/spirit energies that can be part of any individuals self-healing journey. My BodyTalk practice has on occasion included using Reiki or sound healing (voice & drumming). I also love how every BodyTalk session is unique and specific to each person during a session.

My three adult children, continue to nudge/delight me with challenges/surprises that continue to help me grow into the best version of me.

My BodyTalk training to date: Fundamentals, Access Technician, Mindscape, Career Hearted for BodyTalk, Advanced BodyTalk Protocol & Procedure, BreakThrough 1, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Principles of Consciousness, BodyEcology, FreeFall 1, Matrix Dynamics, Soul's Journey/Mind & 3 Brains & Bodytalk Direct

Other training: Komyo Reiki 3, Initiation into Sound Healing (Soul Voice), Linking Awareness (Intercellular Communication), Universal Sphere® Practitioner, Access Bars® Practitioner, Access Energetic Facelift® Practitioner

I'm honoured to be a part of your discoveries of your innate wisdom and where it takes you with BodyTalk. 

Individual Distance sessions only at this time - please email me for details.

Thank you for your interest in exploring BodyTalk.



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