Duncan Bailey

Mr. Duncan Bailey



86 Church Rd
Hove BN3 2EB

Phone: 07905452406


In early 2011 I had decided that I wanted to learn a health care system that was effective, efficient, and accessible and that I could study and learn around my busy life, I left it at that.  In June that year, a friend told me about a health care system that you can learn in a day… That was all that was needed for me to enrol into the BodyTalk Access program.

After my BodyTalk Access course I was hooked. The more time I spent looking into and reading about BodyTalk the more I just felt amazed about this system. On that day, after Access, I wanted to be a BodyTalk Practitioner and felt like I had found what I’ve been always looking for.

I have had many labels: Web designer, Youth worker, Social circus teacher, Tarot reader, numerologist, telesales agent, fundraiser, circus performer, gardener, French teacher, waiter, bus driver and more. I have now added BodyTalk Practitioner.


I was introduced to Body talk and the tapping technique at a seminar at which Duncan was an enthusiastic contributor. I have subsequently gone on to have several Body talk sessions with Duncan and I hope to have many more in the future. During a session he focuses on the organs and body systems in a subtle but methodical way which gives me the feeling that wellness somehow being cultivated in me. Following
on from the rhythm of the session he conveys his observations and connections into what the physical body has told him and this shows his insight and knowledge. Duncan is a confident professional with a positive attitude and has developed his skills and natural talent for Body talk over time. He possesses a natural trait for healing which seems to be an elusive quality in today’s world.
Keith Pantridge - Saltdean, East Sussex, UK.

BodyTalk with Duncan has helped me to de-stress and feel more balanced. I have noticed that I have had very fast relief from pain including headaches and viruses after sessions. I have felt more grounded and energetic, and more connected with my emotions. We are conditioned to think in terms of specific symptoms and cures, but BodyTalk works with the whole, and harness the healing power of nature.

Duncan gives you his full attention and has a very relaxed and gentle approach that puts you at ease. He is warm and approachable, and his positive attitude and enthusiasm help to create a healing environment for the client.
Paul Symes – Alexander Technique Practitioner – Newhaven, East Sussex, UK.

Course taken:
BodyTalk Access
BodyTalk Fundamentals

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