Cassandra Finch

Ms. Cassandra Finch

Reiki Master, BAT, CBP


5380 transcanada highway


Phone: 403-826-7199


My name is Cassandra Finch and I have been studying BodyTalk since October of 2011, and a Certified Practitioner since April 2012.

I have taken Fundamentals, Principles of Consciousness, Macrocosmic Bodymind, Matrix Dynamics, Bio-Dynamics, Anatomy and Physiology, Mindscape, and BodyTalk Advanced Integration.

I am passionate about self-growth, as well as helping others bring awareness to their body, mind and spirit. 
BodyTalk has greatly changed my life in so many ways.
After one session, my severe back pain I had for about 8 years was gone! I had spent years, and thousands of dollars on other therapies to which none succeeded for my numerous health issues that started to arise again at age 16.
I also went from having lots of energy, to extreme fatigue, and barely being able to function through the day, needing to sleep minimum of 11-12 hours, with naps in between.
I went from being sick for several years straight on a monthly basis (sometimes bi weekly) with no answers, and then suddenly a bigger health issue arose.
I had chronic pain, anxiety, depression and digestive issues. 
BodyTalk helped me through that time. The sessions highlighted events, ways of thinking, stored emotions that I hadn't considered.

Since beginning my journey my immune system seems to be operating much more efficiently and majority of symptoms have diminished almost completely.
My quality of life has been restored, and I have so much gratitude and respect for this system and how it restores communication in the body.

Not only that, it helped shift my perspective on life a great deal. I couldn't believe the coping mechanisms, modifications, and belief systems I had around myself.
After seeing the impact it had for me, I knew I had to become a practitioner. 

I want to spread that awareness to everyone. You can empower your life and health.
I now work in Duncan, BC

My goals are to be an Adv CBP, MSI and a CBI. My passion is through teaching others and assisting them in their evolution, assisting them with tools and shfiting awareness.

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