Christa Lynn

Christa Lynn

BFA, CH, CBP, Reiki Master, CBP


1089 West Broadway
Suite #18
Vancouver, BC V6H 1E5


Christa Lynn is a long established and well accomplished Vancouver BodyTalk practitioner offering BodyTalk sessions in Vancouver BC. Christa’s skillful reputation and level of professionalism brings special expertise, inspiration and joy into her work with people and animals alike. 

Christa invites you to experience the healing potential of a BodyTalk session and considers it an honor to assist you on your path to transformation, optimal health, success and fulfillment in all areas your life.

Christa runs a full time Vancouver BodyTalk practice and works with clients in a comfortable, safe and peaceful office environment.

Education and Experience

Christa is formally trained in the following BodyTalk courses:

BodyTalk Fundamentals Modules 1 and 2

BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness

BodyTalk: Bio-Dynamics

BodyTalk: Macrocosmic BodyMind

BodyTalk: Matrix Dynamics

BodyTalk for Animals

Chinese Medicine for BodyTalk

Finding Health 1: Mapping the Healing Process (with John Veltheim)

Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness (with John Veltheim)


In addition to Vancouver BodyTalk training, Christa is also trained in complementary healing modalities. She is an Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher (trained by William Lee Rand from Center of International Reiki training and the Canadian Reiki Association), a Shamanic practitioner (she received training from many revered and well respected Shamanic teachers) is a chartered Herbalist (trained with Dominion Herbal College), Master of Crystology (crystal healing) and Flower Essence Consultant (trained with Wild Rose College).

Christa is university educated and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music composition from Simon Fraser University. Since she has a background in fine arts, she also works with clients ranging from musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists and designers.

Client Testimonials

I have had eczema for forty years and especially worse on my face. I feel very self conscious about my appearance especially since I work in an executive position meeting with many international clients. I tried many medications with no relief. After my first BodyTalk session with Christa, my skin healed about 75% and after the second session, the eczema was gone for good. I truly believe in the power of BodyTalk! -P.N. West Vancouver, BC BodyTalk client

I am very grateful to have met and worked with Christa. She is an exceptional and kind healer. I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and a friend mentioned I should try BodyTalk. So, I had a few sessions and when I went to the doctor for more tests, they could not find any more evidence of the cancer. The doctor told me that it was truly remarkable! -A.C. Vancouver BodyTalk Client

I had cancer 4 years ago that went into remission. I really wanted to have children, but was told I was infertile from the chemotherapy. I thought I would try some BodyTalk sessions with Christa. We worked together for a few months and then I got pregnant! I had regular sessions during pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I can’t thank Christa enough, what a beautiful miracle! - R.C. North Vancouver, BC

I have been running my own company for the last few years when the company went into financial stress. I decided to try a BodyTalk business matrix session with Christa to resolve any issues or conflicts that were blocking the company’s prosperity. We uncovered many factors that led to this financial hardship and once removed, the company started to make money again and is now very successful. Thanks Christa, you are a gifted practitioner! -J.P Vancouver BodyTalk client

An Integrative Approach

Christa also offers other healing sessions:

Vancouver Reiki sessions

Vancouver Reiki classes

Shamanic Healing in Vancouver BC

Vancouver Flower Essence Consultations 

For more info on Vancouver Reiki sessions and Vancouver Reiki classes, please visit:

For more info on Vancouver Shamanic healing, please visit:

Distance sessions are also available.

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