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Su Ruan (Soo-Hwa Yuan) is a holistic practitioner who works with BodyTalk, a proven healthcare system that promotes natural self-healing by addressing all aspects of the individual as a whole.  He brings into his practice the benefits of Vipassana meditation, nutrition, yoga, and also Qigong.  Su works with both people and animals to help them overcome a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges and create positive changes in their lives.  For him, BodyTalk is both a spiritual and a healthcare practice.

He is one of the few BodyTalk practitioners in the world who have earned the Advanced Certification, and several clients have been so profoundly affected that they have decided to pursue BodyTalk.  Su has trained with some of the most senior BodyTalk instructors in the world, including the founder of the BodyTalk system, Dr. John Veltheim.  He is a member of both the International BodyTalk Association and the Northern California BodyTalk Association.  He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Architecture, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Master of Architecture.

Su welcomes your call with questions regarding BodyTalk, or to schedule a BodyTalk session.





Mother & Child, Clarity, Centeredness, Anxiety, 8-Year-Old Likes BodyTalk!

I found clarity of mind and a deeper sense of centeredness after one BodyTalk session with Soo.  It was extraordinary how much better I felt.  It was as if all the cobwebs in my mind had been cleared away and I could finally think straight.  Soo’s gentle demeanor and beautiful studio only enhanced what was a transforming experience.  I also brought my 8-year old son to Soo for a BodyTalk session and am scheduling a couple more sessions to go deeper into what we uncovered.  I wasn’t sure if my son would like BodyTalk or be able to be still for the hour or so required.  What I saw was remarkable — my son stayed calm and still and was truly inspired by learning about himself.  His body responded easily to the session and together we learned so much about his anxiety and where it comes from.  Since then we have used the knowledge we acquired to help support my son in anxious times and his overall level of anxiety has diminished.  I am so grateful to Soo for his skill, warmth, and wisdom.

Ruth Krumbhaar
Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Coach
San Francisco, CA


Distance Session, Physical & Emotional Healing, Inspired to Learn & Share BodyTalk!

My husband Michael was having a difficult time recovering after a major surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital when his aunt Sarah suggested distance BodyTalk sessions with her practitioner Soo in San Francisco.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around this idea, but we were desperate.  I am SO glad that we agreed!  After the first session with Soo, Michael was discharged from the hospital.  After the second session, he was back to work after being off for two months.  With every session we witnessed more amazing leaps forward in healing both physically and emotionally!  After seeing these wonderful changes I knew I needed to learn more about BodyTalk and share it with others.  I’ve since taken classes and plan on becoming a certified practitioner.  When I had my own session with Soo I was dealing with a lot of anxiety because of Michael’s long illness and tough recovery from surgery.  After just one session I felt I could breathe better, and was absolutely more calm.  I am looking forward to the day when I am a certified instructor, helping others with the same kindness, compassion, honesty and professionalism that was shown to us by Soo.

Laurie Zuchowski
School Secretary, BodyTalk Student
Cleveland, OH


Stomach Upset, Constipation, Thyroid, Breathing, Hydration, Confidence, Clarity, Performance Session, Inspired to Become a BodyTalk Practitioner!

I feel grateful I was led to Soo for BodyTalk.  My nephew Michael (see testimonial by Laurie Zuchowski) is living a normal life now because of surrogate work I did with Soo.  As this was my first experience being a surrogate in long distance sessions, I was quite amazed that – after every session we did for Michael – there was a major, dramatic shift.  In terms of my own progress, I have had excellent results in many areas:  constipation has been replaced with daily regularity, thyroid medication was cut in half by 50%, breathing has become easier and my meditations have been more focused.  Where once I had to remind myself to hydrate, my normal thirst mechanism calls the shots and I drink lots of water; as a result, I no longer have dry, flaky skin.  I have more confidence and clarity and my dance teacher has commented on my improvement as a dancer.  Because I have had over a dozen sessions, I can definitely speak to the value of going the distance.  I am seeing my Innate Wisdom repair layer after layer of communication breakdowns.  Soo’s expertise is evident; however, I am impressed that he is a life-long learner who continually deepens his understanding of BodyTalk, strengthens his Vipassana meditation with daily practice and annual silent retreats, and supplements BodyTalk with other energy practices such as Chi Gung and Reiki.   As well, Soo is committed to outreach for the purpose of bringing a greater understanding of BodyTalk to the general community.  Although my presenting symptom was daily stomach malaise (which is no longer present) we have uncovered much, much more.  As a result of his approach – a perfect blend of left and right brain – and how awed I have been of the BodyTalk System, I have joined my niece Laurie as a student of BodyTalk, with the goal of becoming a practitioner.  Soo has become a helpful mentor in this endeavor. 

Aside from all the wonderful health benefits for my mind and body, I must mention a recent special session that was designed to boost my performance as a presenter in a nationwide conference for childhood educators. I had an amazing experience of presence, clarity and connection while presenting a somewhat avant guard program (yoga for preschoolers).  All the technical aspects came together perfectly and people were coming up afterward, telling me that it was the best session they had attended!  A director at a university lab school told me later that she decided to implement my program in her school.  I see many great things coming from that presentation.  I highly recommend a performance agenda session from Soo for any important event you may have coming up in your life.  You will feel supported by your highest self!

Sarah Watkins,
Early Childhood Educator
San Francisco, CA


Serious Sleep Disorder, Improved Mood & Outlook

Soo’s calm, thorough and organized manner of explaining the fundamentals of BodyTalk made it easy for me to understand and I felt completely at ease.  Even though I was somewhat skeptical, I had my first session and about an hour later left feeling very good about it.  At every session Soo was able to pin point certain physiological and emotional issues that had been bothering me without me telling him.  Most surprising has been my ability to sleep.  All my life (50+ years) I had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and I used to get only 3, 4 hours of sleep each night.  I don’t know or understand how, but after a few BodyTalk sessions with Soo I now sleep far better than ever, about 7 hours each night.  Another positive has been the change in my mood.  I feel increasingly calm, clear, joyful and energetic, as well as optimistic about life.

Frank Molina
Jewelry Appraiser
San Francisco, CA


Chronic Fatigue, More Vigor, Inspired to Become a BodyTalk Practitioner!

I suffered from chronic fatigue for longer than I could remember, and I had tried various methods to address this problem. The problem was especially worse in spring and summer times when it captured my whole body and caused lower quality of life. When I met Soo I described this situation to him and hoped he could change this “destiny”. We had two BodyTalk sessions. After just one session the numbness I had felt in my legs for a long time had completely gone away, and I have been feeling noticeably more vigorous ever since. In addition to my chronic fatigue Soo also helped me with other health problems. I am thankful to Soo and, as I said to him, maybe one day I will become a BodyTalk practitioner as well. Thank you, Soo, and the BodyTalk system.

Umut Inci
Building Supply Company Owner
Izmir, Turkey


PTSD, Chronic Pain, Constipation, ADD, Clarity, Inspired, Better Flow & Productivity

From only three BodyTalk sessions with Soo, I have already experienced incredible developments in virtually all areas of my life. I was in a period of transition and financial distress, and dealing with my physical and mental health issues including PTSD from a traumatic marriage, chronic neck and back pain, constipation, ADD, and lack of self-discipline.  From my very first session I felt a shift happening right away and a clearing of hidden issues. It paved the way for my second session, where I felt more peaceful and clear than I could ever remember being, and inspired on so many levels. I was filled with surges of creativity, and found myself making better decisions for my well-being such as making the time to meditate, be creative, and be more mindful. After the third session, miracles started happening. I found myself in a constant flow, accomplishing things that I’d put off for months and even years, and was constantly in the mood to organize, plan and execute; somehow I’m always in the mood to be productive! I couldn’t recommend Soo’s BodyTalk more emphatically. He is truly intuitive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his work. He’s genuinely supportive, gentle and patient, making me feel comfortable and safe to find my own answers and inner guidance. After only three sessions, I’m thrilled to report that my results have blown me away. My chronic pains, constipation and ADD have dissipated and my mental, physical and spiritual energy feels balanced. I haven’t felt this peaceful and this confident, ever, and I keep getting pleasant surprises in how well I handle situations that previously overwhelmed me. I feel liberated from my old self-sabotaging beliefs and inspired to live a life with purpose. In a sense, I feel as if he has helped me peel off layers of rubbish with each session, creating space for me to feel more connected to my body, and with the deepest part of me. Soo’s BodyTalk has become an indispensable part of my healing journey, and I’m looking forward to realizing my full potential with his help.

Margaret F.
Waldorf School Teacher
San Francisco, CA


Lightness, Pleasant Energy, Unlocked Emotions

I felt very good after our session…of course finding the words is difficult.  I felt light…a lightness that seemed to originate somewhere in my heart (or near it).  I felt light (lightweight), and light (sparkle).  I was flooded with energy – the pleasant kind of energy, not the kind you get with too much caffeine.  As far as emotions…I think we unlocked something that may have been stuck for a long time.  I believe this is where the lightness came from.  I don’t know what emotion(s) it was, and I don’t think it is important to identify it either.  THANK YOU!

Andra N.
Seattle, WA


Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Thyroid Hormone Imbalance, Harmony Within

My session with Soo felt very profound and powerful…… I immediately felt my mind going into a deeply relaxed stated with a lot of imagery and visions on my mental screen…. I found Soo to be very intuitive, empathetic, compassionate and totally present as a healer…..  I’ve been seeing him since a few weeks for chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, sore throat and thyroid related hormonal imbalance issues…. I’m finding myself able to rest better, feel my brain shifting which in turn governs the functioning of the glands, and overall feel more alignment in my mind, body and spirit, emotionally feeling more positive and focused… Overall I’m feeling more harmony within… I highly recommend BodyTalk sessions with Soo if you’re working on healing yourself from the inside out and bringing deep spiritual transformation in your life.

Archana Sachdev
Dance Instructor & Performer
Santa Monica, CA


Gallstones, Abdominal Pain, Better Sleep & Productivity

In mid-2012 I started to have alarming discomfort in my right abdomen. A trip to the emergency room suggested that I might have gallstones. Thereafter I avoided greasy food such as French fries, pizza, and buttery pastries. I tried to be good, but there had been times when I gave in to the temptations. Each time I paid the price by spending two to three weeks of my life feeling sick, weak, and tired. In the middle of the night I would put my hand over my gall bladder and pray for healing. It was during one of those weeks when I visited Soo-Hwa and had a BodyTalk session. By the end of the session the tension in my right abdomen loosened up considerably. That night the dull pain that had been with me for weeks just vanished and I slept like a baby. The next day I had the most productive day in a while as my body was free from discomfort. Of course I still need to watch my diet, but that single BodyTalk session seemed to set my innards on the right track. Thank you, Soo-Hwa.

Tim Chen
Entrepreneur, Investor
San Jose, CA


Stomach Issues, Bladder Infections

Wow – I always felt calm and peaceful around Soo as a friend, but didn’t realize how amazing and effective he would be as a healer. He is incredibly thorough, gentle yet confident and assuring. His background as an artist and architect makes him both intuitive and logical – he has the perfect balance of both left and right brain thinking! He was able to help me surface chronic symptoms that my body was no longer able to even feel, like stomach issues and recurring bladder infections, and completely release them out of my system. Even though I’m a BodyTalk practitioner myself, I get tremendous results from working with him. His studio also feels great to be in and receive sessions in. He is also the first male practitioner I personally have felt truly comfortable receiving sessions from. I highly recommend Soo as your go-to BodyTalk practitioner in San Francisco.

Mayu Kawata
Business Owner, Healthcare Practitioner, Musician
San Francisco, CA

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