Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn Johnson



P.O.Box 4995

Tubac, AZ 85646

Phone: 8083336664


In 2010, while looking for natural solutions to my children's health concerns, I was introduced to BodyTalk.  The solution for what I had been searching for was this beautiful holistic healthcare system that was safe, easy, and effective! After seeing my daughter's health and symptoms of autism turn around quickly, I took the Access course thinking it would just be for my family.  Wow, was I wrong!  After a year of utilizing Access techniques in my home, I was too curious not to learn more.  Reluctant to leave behind my career as a teacher, I finally surrendered to my new life calling and was immediately blessed at every turn.  My vision for BodyTalk as a solution for autism has continually grown as I've seen the possibilities unfold.  The goals of helping lift the human spirit and healing societies greatest challenges have always been my life goals and the motivation behind my work.  I feel I have been rewarded with the opportunity to work with the most beautiful souls on the planet!

In 2012, I began my BodyTalk training and became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2013.  As I have practiced BodyTalk techniques and learned to follow my intuition, my intuitive gifts have grown.  The continuing courses and sessions I receive have helped me to make breakthroughs in all areas of my life and in the lives of my clients.  Currently residing in Big Island, HI and Tubac, AZ,  I have my dream life: being a mom of healthy, happy kids and consulting with hundreds of clients around the world!

Revolutionizing our healthcare is going to come partly through education, so I still get to use my teaching background.  As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I teach classes on essential oils and supplements to help manage health and prevent disease.  Natural Solutions For Autism is a class I developed and I wrote a book expanding on the principles of that class.  It is called Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism and can be found on Amazon. 

My most recent training was in BioIndividual Nutrition Consulting with an emphasis on managing and healing symptoms of Autism through diet.  I have eye witness experience that all they therapies can work together in synchronicity and bring you to the level of health you desire.  My business is called Take 5 Healing  and can be found online at Contact me there to schedule your session from a distance. 
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