Fredrick Pfeiffer

Mr. Fredrick Pfeiffer

P.ED,CBP, UFH ,Heliosol, Horticulture,Agriculture, CBP


10452 Sentinel

San Antonio, TX 78217

Phone: 210-391-8168


Fredrick Pfeiffer P.ED, CBP, is a Professional Educator, Unity Field Healing, Heliosol ,Horticulturist,and Master Wood worker .  A graduate of Texas A&M in 1978 with a B.S. in Industrial Education.  He holds certifications in Secondary,and Vocational Education, Trades and Industry, Horticulture, Agriculture,and Special Education/Alternative Learning enviroment.  With  special needs children he  saw a great need for communication in a non verbal basis. He tried many modalities  He then found the BodyTalk System and realized he had found the most comprehensive system studied in its scope, its depth and its understanding and abilities to address any situation at any level of the mind.  BodyTalk is unique because it has the ability to address so many levels of the Body/Mind complex through subconscious communication.  After retirement from teaching he  trained and certified in BodyTalk.  He now practices in all areas including special needs children, young adults, adults, animals and Plants.  One motto of his business is "Healing is a matter of time but also a matter of opportunity". His business name is Balance Essential.  Through balancing our energies we are able to heal ourselves.  Fred and his wife Patte live in San Antonio.  Together they have a combined family of eight children and ten grandchildren.  He has a full time practice located in N.E. San Antonio .                                                        
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