Alissa McIvor

Alissa McIvor

ATT technician, Acutonics, CBP


101 616 Kingsway Avenue SE

Medicine Hat, AB T1A2W9

Phone: 403-487-2266


After being a bodytalk client for 2 years I decided to take the plunge and take a class. First came Access in the April of 2014, which left me hungry for more:) Then came fundamentals at the beginning of July. This definitely began to satisfy the curiousity, but light the fire for further knowledge. When another class was booked in my region for fundamentals in October I knew it was time to set a goal. Be certified by the new year. I am proud to say that I met that goal:) by this time o was 5 months pregnant with my third child, bit managed to sneak a mindscape class in in March 2015 before taking a break to have the baby. I kept doing sessions on friends and family and myself, but the business side was kinda dropped off. Just after the baby turned one As I was looking ahead planning classes, I realized that I could have my advanced certification by the end of 2016/ new year 2017. A big goal but one that I have set out to achieve. As of now I have done 2 advanced classes, bio dynamics and macrocosmic body mind. And just picked up the A&P course. (June 2017) Am excited to put this new information to work, and to continue working toward this goal and learning more and more about bodytalk and its techniques in order to help observe changes in future clients.
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