Christa Green

Mrs. Christa Green

Reiki I & II, Access Bars, CBP


Suite 206/658 Pittwater Rd

Brookvale, NSW 2100

Phone: +61 437 405 404


My journey down the path of energetic and natural therapies began in my late teens when unexpected life events led me to question our existence as human beings and our life's purpose.

Although my early career path took me through roles in Hotel Management and Accounting and finally onto IT Management in both the Airline and Finance industries, it was my love for understanding more about my own health, wellbeing and spiritual journey that led me to various courses in natural and energetic therapies over the past 30 years.

When becoming a mother, I was fascinated and delighted with the evidence of the benefits of non-invasive modalities such as kinesiology and subsequently BodyTalk on babies and young children, who had no preconceived ideas about what should and shouldn’t work based on science.

I discovered BodyTalk while living in the UK. After just a few sessions the results on my physical and emotional wellbeing were so incredible, I booked my family in for appointments as well. With the same positive outcomes for them, I decided then and there I just had to learn BodyTalk for myself, which led onto to additional courses and qualifications in other BodyTalk System™ modalities such as MindScape.

Now, several years later, I am fully enjoying assisting others in bringing positive health and wellbeing changes into their lives through BodyTalk .

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