Regina Bonassi

Regina Bonassi

CBP / Cert IV Personal Training , CBP


'Webb Chambers'
Shop 1 / 173 George Street Bathurst, NSW 2795

Phone: +61 414 907 954


Hello and Thank You so much for stopping by!

My name is Regina Bonassi and I absolutely LOVE and ADORE The BodyTalk System.

Having been a Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation, Movement and Lifestyle Coach for 17 years, I found myself completely floored by pneumonia and then diagnosed with fibromyalgia on my 40th birthday!  With my life as I knew it turned on its head, I began the quest to change my life and a belief system that bound me, ever so tightly, to my way of existing!

Fast forward 19 years .... and I am so grateful to have arrived at a space that embraces and nurtures my new way of being!

I initially came across BodyTalk after reading an article that resonated so deeply within me, that I was compelled to find out more about its author!  When I reviewed the author I noticed she was a BodyTalk Practitioner, I became curious and found myself delving into everything I could find on The BodyTalk System.

The BodyTalk System has given me so many beautiful gifts, the best one being a taste of life without the residual symptoms of Fibromyalgia and the clearing of a set of belief patterns that were my driving force .... my way of existing for sooooo many years!

So, I find myself here .... a dedicated BodyTalk Practitioner with beautiful Clients who also LOVE and ADORE BodyTalk.

I feel completely blessed to have the opportunity to share The BodyTalk System, 'Whole Healthcare' with YOU!

I look forward to chatting and meeting with you very soon!


Thank you Regina for the loving help you have given me and my family over the past year.  We have been comforted, strengthened and given confidence to move forward with our lives physically as well as mentally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - Jenny Beveridge

Oh what can I say about this amazing lady! Thank you, thank you, thank you Regina for the most amazing love, care and support you have given me over the past few months. I look forward to our sessions with such excitement and always leave feeling like a million dollars. Absolutely the best therapy I have ever experienced and will continue to utilise on a regular basis. You have helped me immensely and I honestly can't thank you enough. - Jennie Brown

I have so much gratitude to this amazing chick! Super blessed our paths crossed just at the right time - when I needed her. I absolutely LOVE our weekly sessions & the difference she is making to my health & in turn my life is incredible! I cannot recommend beautiful Regina enough!!! - Kellie Dunbar 

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