Monika Marczuk

Ms. Monika Marczuk

Reiki Master, Soul Responsibility Inst, BFA,ECE,, CBP


1006 Bonita Private

Ottawa, ON J6R 2P1

Phone: 343-558-1231


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" The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart." Andrew Bennette 


I only understood  this quote superficially. I thought I knew what it meant, I understood it with my mind, but it takes on a whole new meaning when experienced with your being. Sometimes things need to fall apart in order to rebuild a stronger healthier foundation. My life reflected this to me. There is no separation between, "out there" , "life" and you. I am the one common denominator in my life. You are the only common denominator in yours. 


My health took a dip, I suffered various health problems. My house literally feel apart with mold. I knew that my body and life were screaming for me, for compassion, for gentleness, for care. I began to receive regular BodyTalk sessions, I attended Self- Inquiry group work. I got to know myself in

 a whole new way. 


Each session invited me to meet myself with tenderness. Each session peeled back the years of hurt, trauma and pain that I carried within me. Each session healed me at the core of my being. I changed. I healed. I listened to my intuition. I became the soft place to land. My health and wellness regained vitality. 


I experienced such profound shifts in my body, mind and spirit. The work helped me to heal long-standing skin condition. My life blossomed. I experienced the magic of alchemy. 


Energy medicine changed my life. It opened up a world of renewed health, vitality and strength. 


"There has to be another way" I thought to myself so many years ago. 

I found it. 


I am committed to helping those on their personal exploration and healing journey. I know how it feels to struggle. I have been there.  With eighteen years of experience, I have the knowledge and tools to guide you through your inner journey to experience fuller health, wellness and renewed enthusiasm.


Also, I understand that the only way to true recovery is to go inward, and I am passionate about supporting my clients every step of the way.


It is my pleasure to be in service, I look forward to our work together; whether it be from the comfort of your home (World Wide) via Zoom teleconferencing sessions,  in person at my clinic or audio recorded sessions. 



Monika Marczuk is a practicing member of the IBA( International BodyTalk Association) 

Published Co-Author of Tap Into Your Natural Healing Power 

Columnist for A Beautiful Life Magazine

Internationally Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Reiki Master

Certified Ho'Oponopono Practitioner

Soul Responsibility Instructor

Early Childhood Education Teacher

BFA- Specialization in Art Ed.

IBA Courses taken:

All advanced modules
Fundamentals Integration
BreakThrough 1&2
FreeFall 1

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