Marjorie Bailey

Marjorie Bailey



Austin, TX

Phone: (239)850-0355


Marjorie is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Energy Healer currently honing and refining her intuitive abilities to best serve the needs of her clients. Her steadfast conviction that all bodies are resilient, sophisticated, and have the innate capacity to heal themselves was informed by her first-hand experience with chronic illness. Marjorie found BodyTalk during a time of deep physical and emotional distress and through the modality completely transformed her health. Her positive outcome drove her to become a BodyTalk Practioner and instilled a deep need to share the modality with others who might be struggling to move through and heal from disease. She firmly believes that the development of disease stems from imbalances and blockages related to ingrained/ received/ ill-fitting belief systems; trauma; stagnant emotion; and environmental/ situational factors. By removing these blockages the body can begin to restore balance. 


Committed to approaching symptoms presented by clients from a mind- body- spirit perspective, Marjorie follows the leads indicated by the body itself and mediates between the various components of integral healing while holding a safe, sacred space wherein the client feels supported, seen, heard and honored in their healing process.


In addition to her BodyTalk Practitioner certification, Marjorie holds a Reiki certification and is enrolled in a Masters Program in Chinese Medicine. She looks forward to the evolution and development of her healing practice as she acquires new skills and a broader range of tools with which to explore the nature of existing on this plane, as bodies- physical, etheric, subtle, luminous and beyond. 

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