Norie Furuya

Ms. Norie Furuya

Jiriki Seitai Trainer, CBP


Currently looking for a place to practice on

Big Island, HI 96738

Phone: (360) 362-9118


Norie learned that body knows what it wants to be observed and knows how to heal itself. Only we have conveniently forgotten.
Through BodyTalk and Jiriki Seitai, she learned to tap into her innate wisdom as well as other individuals'.
She is willing to share this gift with anyone who is in need of help.

She acknowledges that healing is multi-dimentional and interrelated; for example, emotional wounds
that are usually at the root need to be healed while physical symptoms (or pain) need to get treated. 
Even the soul of a person may be wounded and/or his/her energetic field can be
so disrupted from traumas/injuries that no treatments seem to work.    

To better accommodate the needs of each client, Norie uses therapeutic-grade gemstones to enhance her BodyTalk session
She also teaches Jiriki Seitai, a Japanese movement therapy that people can practice at home, without the help of therapist.

Her goal is to unleash one’s innate healing abilities so that he/she can have more confidence in life and PLAY with a big smile.

Norie's session is donation-based and remote sessions are available by Zoom anywhere in the world.
For appointment, please contact her at For more information, please visit the website at
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