Janet Wutzler

Janet Wutzler

CBP - BodyTalk, AnimalTalk, Reconnective Healing, CBP


Wellington and Palmerston North,
New Zealand

Phone: 0211592275


I discovered BodyTalk after many years of exploring health and psychology. Like many Bodytalk practitioners, when I found it, I knew this was the modality I wanted to pursue. What I love about this system is its richness, depth and the ongoing learning it allows for. My desire in this work is to support each client’s discovery of health and wholeness.


I was drawn to the BodyTalk System because it is a truly holistic, extremely effective, non-invasive and safe modality. Bodytalk identifies and balances the issues in the body which underlie breakdowns in health. It works on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and each session is completely unique to the individual.


In a BodyTalk session the practitioner follows a comprehensive protocol of questions, using neuromuscular feedback to communicate with the innate intelligence of the client’s body. When the imbalances that are a priority for the client are identified, they are then permanently restored through a gentle tapping technique. BodyTalk is not a diagnostic tool, but the links that arise can often yield valuable information which the client can use to inform their journey towards health and personal growth.    


With this system clients see very positive changes in their physical, mental and emotional health, relationships and overall sense of awareness.


For more information and to see what a session looks like, explore the sites listed below:


Click on “Videos” at the top of this page. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWVcm-6aiKo – Watch a senior BodyTalk instructor explain the BodyTalk system


To learn a simple but powerful technique you can use on yourself, friends and family to reduce stress and promote healing watch Cortices How To (12.32mins)  by clicking on the Videos tab at the top of this page.

Janet Wutzler, CBP



"I have found BodyTalk to be a great way to maintain my health, vitality and general wellbeing over the past few years.  I really enjoy my sessions with Janet who is a very caring and knowledgeable practitioner.  Each session is different and insightful and while I don't try to understand how it works I do appreciate the fact that I haven't needed any days off sick since I started."



As I have worked with Janet using BodyTalk, I have found the therapy amazingly penetrating, yet gentle, getting to the bottom of long held issues. Janet is a brilliant and respectful therapist with a delightful sense of humour!

Marg Schrader


Janet brings humanity, insight and humour to my Bodytalk sessions. She adapts and responds appropriately to whatever comes up on any particular day and nothing is a drama. Each session is different, because I am different, but the one constant is that I always get exactly what I need at the time. I warmly recommend her and her service.

Maddy Schafer


I always look forward to my BodyTalk sessions with Janet- she is someone
who I feel helps me to tune in and connect to my authentic self.
BodyTalk is most definitely a healing and liberating experience which is
gentle and also wonderfully intense.
Janet has a gift for healing, a compassionate and wise person, I often
leave her sessions floating out the door.  I feel increasingly grounded
since commencing my BodyTalk sessions around a year ago.  They have
helped me to seek meaning in my life, and the desire to connect with my
higher self- LD, Wellington

"I have been seeing Janet for Bodytalk sessions for 18 months.  Janet has indepth knowledge of Bodytalk and is very perceptive of her clients' needs.  Janet is intuitive, a great listener and is fun to be with.  She also has a good rapport with children.  A Bodytalk session with Janet is relaxing and, I have found, promotes healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  I always feel fantastic afterwards."  




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