Monique Bourgeois

Monique Bourgeois



15th Ave. E. @ Main St.

Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-254-3595



  Monique is a former dancer and a trained educator

> with an extensive 25 year background in mind/body

> alignment and movement therapy practices including

> basic training in anatomy and physiology. All these 

> bring an earthy, practical and valuable understanding

> to her BodyTalk practice. 

> Through her experience, her compassion and her

> clients, she has come to know that the ailments 

> that manifest in us always have a part that is

> "unseen".  Unseen like bacteria was until the late

> 1800's, yet we know it has always existed.  Her

> approach to energy medicine like BodyTalk is to give

> attention to these parts, such as the layered belief

> systems we hold or the emotional stress we aren't even

> aware of.  These invisible factors can often be the

> most detrimental to our wellness. 

> Through BodyTalk Monique is highly engaged in

> facilitating the body/mind/spirit to revitalize and

> rebalance its lifeforce energy power for healing,

> change and growth.  

  Other Modalities offered include Body Alignment 

  and Movement Therapy, as well as sessions in French.

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