Fundamentals Study Group: Lesson 4

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Course Title:
Fundamentals Study Group with the Founder:
Lesson 4 John Veltheim & Melanie Buzek BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure

Course Overview:
This is lesson 4 of an 8 Lesson Fundamentals Study Group

John Veltheim and Melanie Buzek will explore the Basic BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure from BodyTalk Fundamentals.

Course Description
The BodyTalk Fundamentals coursework presents the core concepts and techniques of The BodyTalk System and therefore provides you with the foundation of your BodyTalk knowledge base. This study group is designed to expand your foundation by giving you some background, deepening your understanding of key concepts of the basic BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure.

Lesson 12 will be presented by John Veltheim & Melanie Buzek and will cover the basic BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure.

Course Outline
Lesson 4 will cover the topics, cover the basic BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure.

The first 2 hours will consist of live lecture from John Veltheim and Melanie Buzek.

The 3rd hour will be a live Q&A.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course the participant will gain a deeper understanding and a deeper understanding on the basic BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure.

Assessment: N/A

Textbook: BodyTalk Fundamentals Textbook that was provided with your BodyTalk Fundamentals Course

Additional Reading: N/A

Prerequisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals Course

This course counts for 3 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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