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Pregnancy: Before

The first part of this mini course will summarize the major concerns involved with getting pregnant. It will outline some of the major factors around infertility in men and women that can be helped by BodyTalk.

It will outline strategies for BodyTalk therapy and well as practical advice that can be given to potential parents to maximize their chances of producing a healthy baby.


This will involve the many factors around having the right conditions for nurturing a healthy fetus.
It will involve strategies for BodyTalk to help with the unwanted symptoms that many women experience.

It will also teach the correct ways to address the primary health of the baby directly, including the physical factors such as an ill-positioned baby.

The role of the biological father is critical during the gestation period and this will be addressed.


Birth and Post-Pregnancy Dynamics

BodyTalk strategies for childbirth will be considered.

Early problems of feeding, digesting, and relieving problems commonly occurring in the first few months will be addressed.

Helping the mother’s body to heal and return to “normal”. Mental and emotional issues such as depression are common and BodyTalk has many good strategies.


Migraines and Severe Headaches

We will look at the types of headaches and their most common causes.

We will also discuss treatment strategies and advice to give the patient in cases of incurable headaches such as those coming from trauma and neurotoxic damage.

At the end of each session, John will give a generic treatment for improving the health of the brain.


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This course counts for 0 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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