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Can you remember? As a little child, you were full of curiosity, questioning everything, seeing possibilities everywhere.

But now, all grown up, this natural curiosity and inclination to question everything has faded away. The possibilities don’t seem so endless anymore, do they? Moreover, you may have been in situations where the adult who questions or is curious seems annoying and disruptive. As grown-ups, we think we are supposed to “know things” and not question too much. After all, “I have responsibilities now and limitations! Life isn’t carefree anymore!”

And yet … there is a question that has the power to break this spell.

“There must be another way?!”

Heed its call and you will discover that CURIOSITY is your superpower. This describes the focus of BreakThrough.

The BreakThrough seminar and the practice of BreakThrough is all about asking simple questions—asking questions in exactly the way we did as small children: full of curiosity. In a BreakThrough class, we start to become curious, and our starting point is often the things we never think to question. We ask questions like:

“What is trust?”

“Why do I want trust?”

“What is love?”

“What do I want from love?”

“What are problems?”

“What do problems do?”

“What is doubt?”

“What is freedom?”

“What does being supported mean?”

“What does belonging mean?”

There is an endless list of questions that we think we know the answers to, but when we start to get curious, we realize that for years, for decades, we’ve just been reciting hand-me-down answers, giving lip service to concepts that sound right or reassuring. As we ask new questions, we also often discover that while we think we want one thing, we simultaneously want the exact opposite. No wonder we experience so much struggle and strife in our own minds.

In a BreakThrough class, the more we ask questions and explore, the more we see that where we were convinced that “I lack ____,” there are, in fact, endless possibilities.

The process of questioning in a BreakThrough class is not, however, an aimless endeavor. While we are not searching for answers—something the limited mind always strives for—we do use a structured protocol to facilitate the questioning process. We learn what are called The 7 Steps, each step taking us a little deeper into an exploration of the nature of the mind.

By learning and using The 7 Steps BreakThrough Protocol, our focus is to refine the way we use the mind. As we cultivate the mind, it starts to function more efficiently in a way that serves us rather than us being a slave to it. It supports us moving from a place of narrow expectations and habitual ways of behaving to living and experiencing from a mind that is open to possibilities. It has the power to completely transform the way we live and experience life.

BreakThrough is all about cultivating a more human, more adventurous life. It’s about taking your life into your own hands.

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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