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This group session addresses one of our essential systems for inner fortitude, physical strength and Qi—the Kidney Meridian System. This is a powerful system for keeping the energy of fear balanced within the body-mind complex. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine System, the kidney system includes the kidney meridians, the brain, the bones, bone marrow, and the adrenal glands. The kidney meridian connects us with Earth energy, keeping us grounded and vital. One of its very important functions is to return anything that is “unrooted” in us back to its source. When the mind is not connected to reality and overrun by fear, a balanced kidney meridian can restore peace of mind and equilibrium. As part of our fear regulation system, the kidney meridian generates fear when truly necessary to help keep us aware of danger. It also controls the knees, so that we can run from danger as needed. However, when there is excessive fear in the mind, it can make us go “weak in the knees.” Perhaps one of the most important functions of this system is that it gives us the will to live and achieve our goals. Unfortunately, when fear cripples us, we lose our will to live. When fear is strong enough, we lose all will to live and suicide suddenly feels like an option. This group session will help to fortify and balance the kidney meridian system so it can perform its all encompassing, life-supporting duties.

This is an opportunity for anyone to partake in a group BodyTalk session with the Founder of the BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim. These sessions will be done at a distance through online broadcast. The recording will be available if you cannot attend the live airing. Viewing recordings is just as effective as receiving sessions in person in real time. Whether listening live or at a later date, remote group sessions will increase your understanding of important BodyTalk concepts that you can bring into your sessions with clients, as well as providing an opportunity for shifts in your own health, consciousness and perception.

This course counts for 1 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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