Advanced MindScape: Stretching the Synapses

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Course Introduction

Advanced MindScape: Stretching the Synapses is a new course developed in 2023 by Instructor Kristin Pierce. This powerful, new Advanced MindScape seminar will support students in a light and playful way toward opening mind, heart, and senses to the possibilities that exist all around them.

Students can expect to supercharge their MindScape workshop. They will learn to use MindScape on demand with eyes open, unravel old, outdated beliefs, all the while building trust in their intuition and gaining confidence in interpreting the symbolism of the subconscious mind.

Course Description

If you are considering this course, then you've already taken MindScape. This means that you already understand the incredible potential we each possess.

This three-day course aims to facilitate you in experiencing insights and aha moments to “stretch” the synaptic connections of your neuropathways. Through changing our neuropathways, we can loosen rigid, limiting beliefs and rewire our brains for new possibilities. As your brain changes, you create space for your own potential to break through and shine into your conscious awareness. During this course, you will be led deeper into the theory of the mind while adding tools and techniques to your MindScape workshop. One important skill you will learn is how to access MindScape on demand and with eyes open.

“Stretching the Synapses” means that we are “stretching” our minds to perceive new information. A powerful, new insight can “undo” the existing synaptic connections of our neuropathways and the belief systems to which they correlate. In doing so, our minds begin to wake up to something new, our awareness is greater and thus our perception widens, bringing into view incredible possibilities that can literally change your mind. When we “stretch” our synaptic connections, our brains re-wire and new synapses begin to form. This, in turn, creates new, supportive habits that retrain our unconscious, automatic thought patterns. Through this process we become open to new ideas, new choices, and new ways of living that we could not previously fathom as possibilities for ourselves. As we shift our mental programming, we often find ourselves perceiving and receiving new opportunities and positive change. We become much more receptive to empowering experiences showing up in our lives. We are no longer prisoners of our unconscious beliefs, but we learn how to see the mirrors all around us, enabling us to become conscious cocreators of our experiences of reality—which is an incredibly empowering and inspiring perspective to hold.

This powerful class has the potential to spark a quantum shift in your understanding of self. The new awareness you gain will support you in your ongoing journey. Get ready for a fun three-day experience of mind-shifting expansion.

Prerequisites: MindScape Course

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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