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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Saskatoon Centre
315 Idylwyld Drive North
Saskatoon, SK S7L0Z1 Canada Phone: +1(306) 3848844


Early Early Bird discounted fee of CDN $1000 (Total - no extra taxes or booking fees) for the first 15 to register and pay. Thereafter discounted fee of CDN $1100 until 15th September 2017. Monitor Rate Attendees of Andy Spencer's Advanced MindScape Another Dimension class qualify for standard monitor rates (25% i.e. $300 for IBA members, and 50% i.e. $600 for non-IBA members. Attendees of alternative Advanced MindScape classes qualify for a special discounted monitor rate of 50% (CDN$600). Proof of attendance will be required. Please note Payments will be accepted from March 2017. But register now and you will be given first option to secure the early bird pricing.


Time to Create a New Story This brand new version of Advanced MindScape, with Andy Spencer from England, will enable you to take your MindScape to a whole new dimension. You will come away with ways to access your workshop quickly on demand, enabling you to utilise MindScape easily. You will have lots of opportunities to practice using MindScape enhancing your understanding of how powerful your MindScape Workshop is in changing your reality. You will be encouraged to work on a core theme or story in your life that you are ready to let go off. MindScape provides a bridge between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. Your innate wisdom through your MindScape Workshop can utilise this bridge and allow you to shift the limiting beliefs, fears and coping mechanisms that no longer serve you. Andy Spencer will encourage you to relax and play in your workshop, giving you the space and direction to shift some of these long standing patterns - are you ready to write a new story? Core MindScape is a pre-requisite. Also due to many requests we have an additional MindScape MasterClass on Money & Success on Monday 2nd October. Early Bird is $299. Balance your relationship to money. Discover Your Inspired Success and remove fears, blocks and limitations. Amazing insights to be had. Core MindScape is a pre-requisite. See what others are saying about this powerful healing seminar

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