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Namaste Esperanza Retreat
1212 Woodville Road, Newport, NS, Canada
Newport, NS B0N 2A0 Canada Phone: 902 757 0161


Register and pay by the Early Bird Deadline September 5th,2017 to save $200! Monitors pay $400 plus tax. Accommodations are on site at Namaste Esperanza Retreat $150/night (inc. delicious home-cooked meals, snacks, comfy bed) Allow Namaste Esperanza Retreat to be your one-stop-shop for BodyTalk training from the time you register until you are headed home again!


This BODYTALK FUNDAMENTALS RETREAT addresses working with the seminar topics in a RETREAT style, spread out over 5 FULL DAYS to give participants the opportunity for additional practice and exercises, extra discussion time both in class and after, and time to enjoy the retreat surroundings with your fellow participants and instructor. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the BodyTalk experience by LIVING IT! Kelley is a dedicated Advanced BodyTalk practitioner and seminar facilitator committed to instructional excellence. Kelley's exciting and creatively professional delivery also provides significant practice time for learning and skill integration. She also provides continued support to all participants to ensure continued growth and development for each student! This is a RETREAT style seminar.....where living and learning in the incubated community of Namaste Esperanza Retreat can really maximize your experience!

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