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M38 @Pemimpin
38 Jalan Pemimpin #03-05
Singapore, 577178 Singapore


$1000 Early Bird Price until 31 December Advanced MindScape: Another Dimension Monitors: $275 if IBA Members, and $550 if non IBA member. Advanced MindScape Monitors from other Advanced classes $550.


Time to Create a New Story This powerful version of Advanced MindScape, developed by Senior MindScape Instructor Andy Spencer, will enable you to take your MindScape to a whole new dimension. You will come away with ways to access your workshop quickly on demand, enabling you to utilise MindScape easily. You will have lots of opportunities to practice using MindScape enhancing your understanding of how powerful your MindScape Workshop is in changing your reality. You will be encouraged to work on a core theme or story in your life that you are ready to let go off. MindScape provides a bridge between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. Your innate wisdom through your MindScape Workshop can utilise this bridge and allow you to shift the limiting beliefs, fears and coping mechanisms that no longer serve you. Andy Spencer will encourage you to relax and play in your workshop, giving you the space and direction to shift some of these long standing patterns - are you ready to write a new story? Core MindScape is a pre-requisite. Cancellation Policy Applies. ****News Flash**** Advanced MindScape MasterClass on Money & Success Monday 15th January, (10am -5pm) $250 if attending Advanced class, Use discount code WE1 at checkout. ($350 if not attending weekend.) Pre-requisites: previous attendance of Advanced MindScape: Another Dimension and basic MindScape. Pay Now to Secure Your Place

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