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Yoga La Vida
40 Paul Street
Northwold - Johannesburg, GP GP2188 South Africa


This total price is a result of an effort from Myriam and IBA in agreement and is valid only for this class - it is what we call a "market test". Payment plans through PayPal are available with addition of 6% fee. For facilitating the confirmation of the class and covering expenses for Instructor, payment must be initiated or totaled at least 2 month before class. After September 30th the price of the class becomes US$650.


IF APPLICATION FORM AT THE IBA SITE IS NOT WORKING PLEASE APPLY DIRECTLY WITH THE COORDINATOR OR INSTRUCTOR. The FreeFall Seminar accepts 14 participants based on a thorough screening process by the Application Committee. Your commitment to the Application process is complete in these 3 easy steps. All documents must be received before they are reviewed for confirmation. 1) A Photo- Please send a recent photo-prefer full length and head shot 2) The Application - Please clearly express your interest in FreeFall and why you want to participate in this seminar. 3) Payment Form - Contact instructor to receive the payment form. Transactions will not be processed until 3 weeks prior to class - unless specified on form with a specific date. * Confirmations will be sent to all pre-registrations who have sent in applications and Payment Form. Due to limited enrollment in this seminar, please ensure you pre-register early to avoid disappointment...

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