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Holland Park Hotel
945 Logan Road, Holland Park,
Brisbane, QLD 4121 Australia


'Early-Early Bird' Investment AUD700 (save AUD200), for the first 12 to register and pay. Normal 'Early-Bird' of AUD800 available until 30th May 2018. Previous students (Monitors) pay AUD225 if IBA members, and AUD450 if non IBA members. The MasterClass is priced AUD299 if attending all 3 days (Save AUD 100) - use code MC1 at checkout), or AUD399 if only attending the MasterClass (MindScape is a pre-requisite).


Class is Confirmed! Note venue is Brisbane! Join International Senior MindScape Instructor Andy Spencer from London UK, for a mind-blowing 2 day weekend seminar that teaches you to unleash the latent creative and intuitive powers of your mind. This seminar will not only give you the tools to train your mind, but also provide the structured framework to rewrite the limiting programming stored in your subconscious mind. Working with Jungian tools in a relaxed almost meditative state, MindScape will empower you to let go of the limiting beliefs and fears blocking your path to success in any aspect of your life, including, business, relationships, sports, arts, parenting, health etc. Andy is an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and trained as a Chartered Accountant in London with EY. He has over 20 years experience working with entrepreneurs in private equity and corporate finance. His passion is to share this mind blowing system with as many people as he can around the world. There are NO pre-requisites for this class, MindScape is a powerful tool for everyone. As a Senior MSI, Andy also trains new Instructors, and teaches Advanced MindScape : Another Dimension. Detailed Manual supplied. Ongoing support provided. Are you ready to unleash your mind? ***Please Note this class requires a minimum number of attendees to go ahead. Please do not commit to any costs e.g. travel/accommodation until the class is confirmed in writing. In the event the class does not go ahead your seminar fee will be fully refunded.*** ***MindScape MasterClass**** Monday 4th June!!! take Your MindScape to another level, on this powerful xtra one day MasterClass on Money & Success. The class will turbo charge what you learn over the weekend. Working with the power of MindScape you will not only become much more confident in using MindScape you will experience the power of MindScape to work with your subconscious programming. The MasterClass will focus on balancing your relationship to money at a deep level, so then you can explore real 'heart-based' success, in any aspect of your life that you would like to focus on; whether wealth, lifestyle, career, relationships, weight, family. You will come away with a structured method of working with your subconscious, to remove limiting blocks, fear, limiting beliefs which you can use as much as you would like. The MasterClass is priced AUD299 if attending all 3 days (used code MC1 at checkout), or AUD399 if only attending the MasterClass (MindScape is a pre-requisite). Pay Now

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