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Livestream Broadcast -Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Sarasota, FL USA



$500 USD if PAID IN FULL by December 31, 2018

Regular list price of $600 USD beginning January 1, 2019



Prerequisites: Membership & BodyTalk Fundamentals

Mod 3 (Principles of Consciousness) is highly recommended for this course but is not mandatory. We advise enrolling in a Mod 3 course within the next 6 months of taking BodyTalk Direct to enhance your knowledge of this course.

To Login Live
1. Go the IBA website,, and log into your account; your membership page should open.
2. If you don't see the "Membership Overview" page, click on the yellow "Members Area" link in upper right-hand corner above your name.
3. On your Membership page, go to the left-hand column. Shortly before the event you will see a link titled "Now Broadcasting via Livestream."
4. Click on this link to see current live transmissions.
5. Select the event, and press Play.

Notes If you do not see a video, please try another browser, for example Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Also, some smart phones may work, others however might not offer a reliable connection.

To Access Recordings
You can view course recordings within 24-48 hours of the original broadcast.
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
2. On your Membership page, go to the left-hand column. You will see a link titled "Recorded Livestream Events."
3. Click on this link and select the recording you would like to view.
4. Press Play.

If you have any issues or questions, please email

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