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The Matlock Therapy Center
4, Lime Grove Walk
Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3FD UK


The early bird rate (payable by 15 December 2019) is GBP 850.


Claudia Schembri-Heitmann - brief summary of the BioDynamics Class: "Using the concepts of the Five Elements as per TCM, embracing the fascial-musculo-skeletal system as the physical representation ("harddisk") of consciousness in order support the energy flow and communication on all levels of the BodyMind Complex."




NOTE: This course will be confirmed when / if the minimum number of new students for this course has registered and paid by 15 December 2019.


Prerequisites to attend this course: current IBA membership, BodyTalk Fundamentals (Module 1 & 2), Advanced Procedure Course.


Monitoring fee is 25% of regular (full) course fee (= GBP 243,75). As per the IBA Policy & Procedures Document Point 7.31 (2019 08), Monitoring is a privilege, not a right. [IBA Policies & Procedures 2019 08]


The course will be conducted in English. The course manual is in English.


[Course Description – BodyTalk BioDynamics (Module 4/7)]


If you would like to pay in instalments, you could use “PayPal Credit” and pay e.g. over 6 months. Like this you could register for the course/s, pay in full by 15 August 2019 and pay the rest off until after the classes were held. Check this out: [PayPal Credit Information]

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