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Kolping House
33, 5th Street
Sonneglans Randburg, GP South Africa


The early bird rate (payable by 10 January 2020) is ZAR 13850 (ZAR 1000 discount).


NOTE: This course will be confirmed once the minimum number of new students for this course has registered and paid - by 10 January 2020 (latest).


Prerequisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals, any two of the core / advanced BodyTalk Courses (Principles of Consciousness (Module 3), Bio–Dynamics (Module 4(7)), Macrocosmic BodyMind (Module 6), Matrix Dynamics (Module 9)).


Monitoring fee is 25% of the regular course fee (= ZAR 3712.50)


If you are interested in purchasing the PaRama Unit 1 course, please use this link after logging into the IBA member area first: [IBA Store – PaRama Unit 1 Course]


If you are interested in attending this course, but have difficulties to register (because of the pre-requisites), please contact the coordinator, so she can assist you with your written pre-registration and secure your space in the course.


[Course Description – PaRama Unit 1 Practical]

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