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Hilger Commons
215 North Cedar Street, Luverne, MN, USA
Luverne, MN 56156 USA


Earlybird Date is Jan 12. Earlybird Savings Price for this stand-alone class is $155 by Jan 12. Seat Deposit is $55, with remainder due before class. Returning BodyTalk Access Graduates are welcome to review, refresh and renew in the class energy at the reduced price of $111. Monitors can refer a new student can come for $85, or for $55 when you and your referral register by the Earlybird Date...OR come for FREE if you have 2 or more new student referrals in the same class! :) (Let instructor know the names of your referrals, so you get your discounts/refund-credits! PLEASE have your referrals register in-advance so I can order the correct amount of class-manuals!) ... CANCELLATION POLICY: If instructor must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or too few earlybird sign-ups, all pre-paid students will be refunded in-full. Student-cancellations received before the Earlybird Date will be refunded in-full. Student-cancellations received after Dec 31 can transfer their payment toward a friend wanting to attend or as a credit toward any future service with me - whether a class, event or 1-on-1 session(s).


This class is a full-training in and of itself with all students earning BodyTalk Access Technician certificates. This class also forms Day #1 of a 2-day weekend I am offering toward radical transformation into self-empowerment. BodyTalk Access forms the basis of the bodymind restructuring its basic networking within itself to augment all forms of healing and self-care. You'll have these powerful healthcare tools at your fingertips for your whole life going forward! The BodyTalk Access techniques taught on this day form the most radically effective self-health-care covering the broadest range of imbalances that I have come across. And trust me, empowering myself with effective self-care has been a huge part of my life mission! :) And these techniques gave me (and now many, many, MANY students) the freedom of a whole new lease on life. From having a more balanced mind, a radically efficient immune system, and night-and-day differences to musculoskeletal balance, posture, strength, flexibility and coordination. I invite you to join a very special group of people self-selecting to take this opportunity to bring "self-care" to a radically effective level by empowering yourself with the BodyTalk Access energy medicine techniques. This is a day of transformative insights into your relationship with your health. This Day #1 training empowers you with hands-on practical applications that you begin to benefit from immediately, and can continue to benefit from exponentially going forward. Expect moments of deep introspection as well as moments of deep laughter, as we explore what it means for the bodymind to truly surrender into self-nurturing, wellbeing, and connecting with the "ease" of standing in your full height. These tapping techniques are not intended to replace commonsense nutrition, exercise, meditation, quality sleep, 1-on-1 health/wellness sessions, etc, but former students of mine often report that adding these simple BodyTalk Access tapping techniques as a regular part of self-nurturing has been the "missing ingredient" that finally allowed the full benefits of all of their other self- and health-care efforts to really blossom into full effect. Learn in a day, use for a lifetime, embody a whole new level of vibrancy. This is a prerequisite course for Day #2, so your basic circuits are more open and running properly and we are ready to deep-dive into the world of somatic awareness, embodiment and self-breakthroughs that take the idea of being "present, open and connected" from just a concept for a bumper sticker to an experience that you skillfully cultivate inside of your own body. Whereby an ease of flow of health and vibrancy are simply natural expressions of our inner reality that ripple throughout all aspects of our lives... visit for more information

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