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Vancouver/North Vancouver
Deep Cove Private Residence
Vancouver, BC V7G 1L8 Canada


The early bird date is March 26, 2020. If you register and pay on or before this date, you will save $200 (= $1400 plus gst)! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Class registration closes April 8, 2020 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please do not make any non-refundable plans before March 28 without talking to the instructor first. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you prefer to pay via email transfer/interac, you will be emailed payment options and information within 24-48 hour after you pre-register on this page by clicking on the link above that says "Proceed to Step 2"! Thank you!


In regards to the current social climate, Christine will be monitoring this matter closely and adapting so students feel confident to enrol. If you are interested in this class, enrol online now so you can be kept in the loop! You will not be asked to confirm via any deposits or payment until we get closer to the Early Bird date. Bottom line - If enrolment numbers are reached AND it seems responsible at the time, the class will proceed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are thinking of attending this class, please follow the steps below to pre-register here so the instructor knows of your interest and can keep you informed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 1: Pre-register on this page by clicking on “Proceed to Step 2” above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 2: You will receive informational emails within 24-48 hours. Please respond promptly. If you do not receive any emails from this instructor, please contact the instructor directly at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 3: Payment options include - cheque, interac/email transfer, and paypal and will be outlined in the information email. Please note 5% GST is additional to all quoted rates. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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