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ONLINE CANADA, NS ONLINE CANADA Canada Phone: 19026808640


Early bird rate for new students to save $100, is $800+ NS tax if paid in full by November 27, 2020. Monitor fee is $225 plus NS tax.


ONLINE CLASS This advanced Macrocosmic Mind Class will be held online Atlantic time zone. Kelley's online delivery provides significant practice and discussion time for learning and skill integration. She also provides continued support to all participants to ensure continued growth and development for each student! Part of this development is to build skills in navigating the Advanced procedure and protocol charts therefore Kelley has built into this advanced course an extended instruction/practice/review section to address any issues you may have in the advanced procedures. This Module 6 Seminar has a wide subject matter but is primarily concerned with the Macrocosmic view of the function of the bodymind complex. We must be aware that the bodymind is also an integral player in the macrocosm and must be in synchronicity with all those factors if harmony is to occur. The elements of the BodyTalk protocol addressed in this course are as follows: 21 Minor Chakras 8th Chakra: The use of the 8th Chakra to address: a. Cultural influences b. Hereditary Influences c. Ancestral influences d. Deep-seated habits & trends Planetary Influences a. The Planets b. The Houses c. Chinese Clock

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