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Online on ZOOM
Rutledge, MO 63563 USA Phone: (660)956-6536


Please pay here: Monitors repeating may review at 50% off with a new student referral, or FREE with 2 or more new students. All graduates of this class committing to a 90-day BT Access tap-challenge get $175 credit toward any package of future 1-on-1 sessions with instructor.


This course is approved for online-LIVE-video participation only. Special emphasis on remote-tapping to help care for your loved ones who are quarantined apart from you. This is a day of transformative insights into your relationship with your physical and emotional health coupled with direct, hands-on practical skills that you begin to benefit from immediately. And you can tap on others immediately too. You are empowered to continue increased self-benefits going forward as well as continue to tap regularly for loved ones either directly or remotely. Expect moments of deep, insightful introspection as well as moments of deep laughter, as we explore what it means for the bodymind to truly deepen into its innate capacity to experience calm, connected openness and strength from the inside. These tapping techniques are not intended to replace nutrition, exercise, meditation, quality sleep, 1-on-1 health/wellness sessions (or common sense), yet former students of mine often report that adding these simple BodyTalk Access tapping techniques as a regular part of self-care has been the "missing ingredient" that finally allows the full benefits of all of their other efforts to finally blossom into full effect... including a robust immune system, improved digestion, and a much more regulated, calm nervous system. Learn in a day, use for a lifetime.

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