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ZOOM on Line MT
AB Canada


(Early Bird fee is CDN $175 per person and includes HST) continues to be available during these challenging times.

Includes Full Color Manual and handouts

Do join us for a fast fun day learning the language of health - Let YOUR body talk!


LEARN and experience BODYTALK ACCESS – Five valuable techniques; CORTICES: like hitting the reset button on your brains computer. SWITCHING: helps to relieve the side effects of stress that shows up as poor decision making, confusion, inattentiveness, mood swings, confusing yes and no, and more. HYDRATION: helps the body to correct the body's ability to fully use the water it has available. Thus improving the efficiency of all physiological processes. BODY CHEMISTRY: this technique upgrades the immune system function to better address viruses, bacteria, parasites and as well helps the immune system address allergies food intolerances and accumulated toxins. RECIPROCALS technique reestablishes communication between the musculoskeletal system and can have significant effects on injuries, arthritis circulation coordination patterns Spinal issues and chronic pain. FAST AID techniques... a very effective first aid system that is none invasive safe and simple to address aches, pains and injures.- ALL in the comfort of your own homes...A Lovely Gift of Health for a Colleague, Family, Friend, or for yourself.

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