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In-Person and via Zoom
@ The BodyTalk Centre and via Zoom
38 Jalan Pemimpin #03-05, 577178 Singapore


To Register and Pay

Early Bird SGD$988 till 20 January 2022

Early Bird on Zoom SGD$880

2 weeks before the course: No refund on cancellation.

In view of government mandates to cancel the class due to the Covid situation, a full refund will be given to students.


The MindScape course is a structured program that allows everyone to learn to tap into the intuitive mind to obtain Wisdom in areas of Reflection, Communication, Empathy, Passion, Planning, Organizing, Discernment, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making. Qualities that allow us to be better leaders.

The MindScape course teaches life skills that you will learn in a weekend to take with you for a lifetime. The program will develop your understanding on:

- what your mind is constantly trying to show you through patterns and algorithms
- the brain states where active visualisation is processed into intuition
- understanding that our primary wisdom is intuition
- how to develop the 5 senses into the 6th sense of Intuition, into the 7th sense Insights and finally into the 8th sense - Consciousness and Awareness
- how you can learn to become much more intuitive through a proven structured method

Everyone has intuition and the power to change your life and your reality

The benefits and uses of MindScape are many. Among the most well-known are:
a) Enhancing creativity and balanced thinking
b) Providing an interactive link with the subconscious, and hence opening vast possibilities for self discovery and personal development
c) Providing a very powerful method for visualizing and manifesting affirmations and goals
d) Acting as a mind-body interface, as utilized by top athletes for their mental training
e) Heightening the powers of intuition to the extent that they can transcend normal boundaries
f) Training the imagination, as well as relaxing and helping to de-stress both the mind and the body

Needless to say, these are highly advantageous benefits to everyone, particularly in view of one over-riding fact – they work very effectively. The MindScape workshop has opened vast new horizons for countless people around the world, from all walks of life, from students and housewives to psychologists and top executives In a time when our technological progress continues to diminish how much of our mind’s resources we use, MindScape is a superb way of unlocking the potential of our mind and using it to enhance our life and our work in so many ways.

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