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Livestream Broadcast
Asia, UK, Europe, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong


Seminar Fee:

- HKD9800; (£960); (€1140); (AUD1734); (AED4600);

SUPER Early Bird Discount offer for 1st 8 registered till MAY 28th:

HKD8000; (£780); (€930); (AUD1414); (AED3750);
(£180/ HKD1800 OFF!)

Discount offer till JUNE 11th:

HKD8800; (£860); (€1020); (AUD1554); (AED4130);


BodyTalk Fundamentals Introductory talk - May 27th
HK, Perth, Asia GMT+8 (7.00p.m)
UK (11.00a.m)
Spain (12noon)
Dubai (3p.m);
Sydney (2.00p.m);

BodyTalk Fundamentals Seminar Date & Time-

June 24th -26th & July 1st -3rd
HK, Perth & Far East Asia (2.30p.m -8.00p.m)
UK (7.30a.m -1.00p.m)
Barcelona (8.30a.m -2p.m )
Dubai (10.30a.m - 4p.m)
Sydney (4.30p.m -10.00p.m)