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Online Southern Hemisphere
Times for UK & Australia/NZ/Asia
Online (AEST times shown), NSW Australia


Online Special rate for the first 6 to pay - investment £499 (no additional taxes or booking fees). Monitors of Another Dimension version of Advanced MindScape class - only £225 investment. Pre-requisite Basic MindScape (any worldwide instructor).


Online Advanced MindScape UK & Southern Hemisphere/ASIA Special

8am-2pm London UK Time
Perth/SG/HK 3pm-8pm
Sydney 5pm-10pm
Auckland 7pm-12am

Note Additional time will be required for certain homework exercises in between zoom sessions.

Take your MindScape to Another Dimension from the comfort of your own home Online Via Zoom

Join Senior MindScape Instructor Andy Spencer for his experiential and powerful version of Advanced MindScape.

Whether you're new to MindScape or an experienced MindScaper, whether you use it regularly or are 'rusty' this class will take your MindScape to another dimension.

You will come away being able to be in MindScape immediately on demand and work with MindScape with your eyes open. This transforms how you will use MindScape.

With three days of experiential practice you will enhance the trust in your insights and yourself.

We will use the power of MindScape to work on shifting those stubborn habit patterns, limits and beliefs in your subconscious program and helping you let go of your old story and create your NEW STORY!

Who would you be without your story?

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