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Livestream Broadcast
USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, HK, Far East Asia


Seminar Fee:

Discount offer for 1st 8 registered:

HKD 3800/ USD485/ AUD700/ NZD770/CAD630

Seminar price AFTER First 8 registered -
HKD4300/ USD550/ AUD750/ NZD805/ CAD700

Monitor rate for students retaking this course:

IBA Members: [USD138/ HKD1100]
Non-IBA Members: [USD275/HKD2100]


Join us for MindScape Online

MindScape is a powerful and enjoyable workshop that teaches you to use your remarkable inner mind faculties. This happens through learning to firstly access a state of mind that opens the way to the flow of creativity and intuition. Then, we build a permanent framework for these faculties through visualisation, much as an operating system gives the owner of a computer the ability to use that machine for various uses.

Time Zone Information

This seminar may best accommodate participants in USA East and West Coast, Far East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, although participants in all time zones are welcome. The course will be taught in English. Times for various regions are as follows:

September 10-12
Hong Kong, Asia (8a.m-1p.m)
AEST (10a.m-3p.m)
NZST (12noon-5p.m)
IST (5.30a.m -10.30a.m)

September 9-11
PST (5p.m -10p.m)
MST (6p.m -11p.m)
CST (7p.m - 12p.m )
EST (8p.m - 1a.m)


An INTEREST-FREE INSTALMENT PLAN with an additional discount is available for sign-ups from Asia, contact Angie for more information.

Cancellation Policy -
USD100 cancellation fee applies to cancellations 1 week prior to the seminar date
No refund for cancellations with less than 1 week's notice prior to the seminar date or for NO show in the seminar
OR Funds could be used towards future class

The class will be confirmed once we achieve our minimum numbers

The seminar includes a comprehensive manual, certificate of attendance and post-seminar online group support sessions (Study groups).