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Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa


The full class cost is USD600. There is an Early Bird option you can take if you register and pay before the 23rd of July 2024 of USD550. Monitor fee: IBA members get a special monitor rate dependent on what type of membership you have. Full members pay USD150 to monitor. A digital Manual will be issued once you are graduated from the class once the class is completed. You do not need a manual for the actual class. You will get handouts that you need during the class. TIME ZONE CONVERSION - PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK FOR YOURSELF South Africa 6pm - 10pm Dubai 8pm - 12pm Toronto 12pm - 4pm USD EDT 12pm - 4pm Spain 6pm - 10pm London 5pm - 9pm Berlin 6pm - 10pm Mumbai 9.30pm to 1.30am Cairo 7pm - 11pm Moscow 7pm - 11pm


BreakThrough 1 Introduces you to the 7 Steps Process of BreakThrough. We explore the concepts that make up the 7 Steps Process and in so doing, we explore the beliefs and convictions we hold about ourselves and the world. You get to see and feel the healing power of this type of exploration, which can only be done in a group setting. This is the gift of exploring together. We come together as humans and use our curiosity to ask questions we have never thought to ask about our experience of being human. Our topic is one we usually avoid at all costs: Conflict. With a curious mind we invariably begin to see the gold that conflict can bring us and often gain a shift in perspective that changes everything. You will see the hand-me-down mind and all it’s rules and regulations. You will experience the 7 Steps Process and feel the healing that your everyday conflict offers you, if you know where to look. You need NO PREVIOUS experience to take this class. All you need is your own interest, will and curiosity.

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