Shipping Information

All orders from the US store are shipped via UPS or USPS; for Australian Orders both Australian Post and Fastway Courier are available. For orders shipped via UPS, a tracking number will be provided upon request. All orders are FOB shipping point/FOB Origin.

Shipping Via USPS

Responding to your requests for less expensive shipping options, we are experimenting with using the United States Postal Service (USPS) — currently only as an international option. Please note that the USPS options we are providing do not have tracking capability; and the delivery reliability and timing may not be as reliable as the United Parcel Service (UPS) choices you already have. There are three USPS choices you can now make; they are 1) First Class Postage — for up to 4 lbs total only internationally; 2) Priority Mail with insurance; 3) Priority mail without insurance. The delivery timeframe for both First Class and Priority Mail packages is 6-10 days.

First Class
If your order exceeds 3.5 pounds, this will not be an option, because we have to account for the weight of the packaging. First Class mail is NOT insurable. If you choose this lowest-price option for smaller orders, the risk you take of it not arriving is yours.
Priority Mail with Insurance
This rate includes insurance that the parcel will arrive intact, not that it will arrive in any specified time period. If the parcel does not arrive, you will have to notify us to initiate a claim.
Priority Mail without Insurance
If you choose this option to save a few dollars, the risk is all yours.

Exchange rates (for Australian store orders) are courtesy Xavier Currency converter.

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