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Quick Fixes

Submitted 27-Dec-09 by

Ema Cochran, Practitioner, Kettering, Ohio

Keywords: knee pain carbon monoxide poison

This Summer I ran into a friend I had not seen in years. Pat is in her fifties. She said her health was fine except for her left knee which gave her trouble every time she encountered stair steps. Since she lives in a bi-level house, this was an everyday occurrence. She had been to different doctors and they could not give her a valid reason for her pain. One said she was carrying too much weight so she went on a diet and slimmed down. She was told it must be the way she walked. She explained it only hurt when she walked up stairs. Finally in July 2005, her doctor set her for an MRI. The results showed a touch of arthritis but not enough to cause such pain. Her discomfort continued.

I explained BodyTalk and offered a session. All I did was cortices, SB release than removed an energy blockage from her mid-brain stem. She felt a burning sensation on her whole left side as the blockage was removed. She could not believe she was finally pain free with only one session.

Pat was so excited that she sent her thirty year old daughter to see me. She too had been to different doctors for her muscle spasms but got no relief. Some mornings she could hardly get out of bed.

We balanced body chemistry, toxins, carbon monoxide. She had her car muffler fixed the following day. Problem solved!

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