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Birthing and BodyTalk

Submitted 26-Jan-10 by

Danielle Haines, Practitioner, Phoenix

Keywords: birthing labor deliver

I have been a birth coach for many years before I learned BodyTalk. Now I use BodyTalk during the Prenatal care, and through the Labor and Delivery Process.

Right after I learned Mod 1 & 2 I had a delivery to attend. The cord was wrapped around the baby's neck (we found out after he was born). We knew something was wrapped around something because the Heart rate would drop everytime mom would have a contraction.

When fight or flight kicks in when a mom is in labor it causes the dialation of the cervix/uterus to reverse! She was 8-9 cm (close to delivery) until the Doctor began to express her concern for the baby. Then they checked her and she was 7 cm, then 6 cm. Baby's heart rate did start showing signs of distress, and with a closing cervix, she was doomed for a c-section.

I asked the Doctor if we could flip her from her back to her hands and knees. She allowed us to. I started tapping on mom's head, doing the cortices technique.

The Doctor checked her 2 minutes later and said that the baby had completley flipped (was also posterior) and crowned, and the cervix was completley dialated!

Instead of major abdominal surgery, she had a natural vaginal birth.

Whew, thanks BodyTalk!

Danielle Haines, CBP

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