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BodyTalk Improves Posture & Reflexes

Submitted 28-Apr-10 by

Ben Manalo, Instructor, bodytalkprofessionals@gmail.com

Keywords: posture, access, reflexes, burns

Testimonial from a BodyTalk Access student:

Thanks for checking back Ben! I do the whole (BodyTalk) Access routine quite a bit and I have noticed a couple of things. One, my posture is better. I noticed the other day standing at my stove that when I opened the cabinet doors, they hit me about an inch below the top of my head. They used to clear my head. I also notice that when I slouch, it feels uncomfortable. Also, my reflexes are better. The other day I was cutting strawberries and when one flew off the shelf, I caught it without even realizing what I had done; it's like I have cat-like super reflexes. In regards to my kids, my one-year old was badly burned at a x-mas party. Before rushing to the emergency room, Tonya reminded me to do fast aid. I did this so much for the first few days, that he started tapping my head when we would snuggle! He is healing well and seems to be in very little pain despite his burns. We only had him on pain medication for three days. Thanks again for checking in. I am a huge fan of BodyTalk and look forward to more training opportunities as they become available in the midwest.

Melissa Eaton

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