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Chronic Pain

Submitted 24-Jul-10 by

Marianne McCashin, Student, Cranbrook, BC

Keywords: chronic pain, scars, parkinsons

My friend, who is a spiritual seeker, asked me to do some BodyTalk sessions on her mother, let's call her Jane. Jane has had chronic pain in her right lower quadrant for many many years. Jane is in her 70's and has Parkinsons. On the first session with Jane, scars came up. She had her gall bladder removed years earlier, so we worked on connecting that scar to her small intestines, specifically, at the point where the stomach and small intestine meet. Later, checking anatomy, I discovered that this is the duodenum, the point where the gall bladder would drain bile into the digestive system, were the gall bladder still there. Then we linked her lungs to her liver.

There were times during sessions with Jane that I was questioning my perceptions because she was quite rigid with the Parkinson's. I then used her index finger to ask the questions, as it was still flexible, and listened very hard to my inner wisdom.

The last session with Jane, I took my massage table, and even though it wasn't easy to help her onto the table, she was able to take really deep breathes during the tap out procedure.

I then went away on holidays, and about a month later, I called Jane's daughter to see how she was doing. I was told that Jane was not only doing better, but had more energy and was feeling better than she ever had in her life. Jane's daughter said she was telling everyone about BodyTalk.

I am smiling.

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