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Tried and Tested

Submitted 02-Oct-10 by

Thelma Baterna, Client, Philippines

Keywords: cortices, pain, healed diabetes, ankle

Hi, your website was discovered when I searched the internet looking for a way that I could be healed and learn to share for my missionary work in my church. When I first saw the Doctor demonstrating How to tap the Cortices, I was amazed and I tried it myself? Yes I was skeptical, but I have to try anything to save me from Hospital and medicines because I have Diabetes, am Obese and have Cardiovascular disease. When I become a Medical Missionary I learned how to lose weight by being a Vegetarian, but I still had pains in my ankle. I could hardly walk so I started to exercise. But since I was still taking my medicines for maintenance, I still felt the same pains unless I exercised everyday! When I tried the Body Talk at least 2-3 times a day the pains disappeared! Today even if I miss the exercise activity, I feel okay. Maybe I need to do this everyday forever! I no longer take medicines because it's expensive and it adds more diseases to my body! The best thing is I am sharing this first to my family and friends and maybe I will start introducing this to our church members. Thank you so much for Body Talk for just an online demonstration I will be healed!

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